27 February 2009

Healthy Summer Hair

Sunning, swimming and the outdoor life can leave hair looking like a straw. How to keep this from happening to you? One of the easiest ways to shield your hair from the sun is to cover it. Loose-fitting cotton scarves or hats made of open-weave fabrics are among the best choices, since they allow air to circulate freely around the scalp.

Chlorine remains one of the worst hair abusers, leaving it dry and brittle especially at the ends. It can also accelerate the fading color-treated hair, turn brown shades red and - in the worst cases - give blond shades a greenish cast. Salt water isn't much better, since it leaves drying deposits on hair and scalp. The best advice, according to Dr. David Cannell of Redken Laboratories: Wear a bathing cap and rinse hair thouroughly as you step out of the pool or ocean. Never allow your hair to dry in the sun without rinsing, since sunlight can intensify the damage. If you're heading for a beach where fresh water may not be handy, you might want to tuck a thermos of club soda or mineral water into your beach bag for a refreshing, bubbly rinse.

When you get home, wash your hair with a mild, acid-balanced shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. Mixing a teaspoon of baking soda into the rinse water can help remove any last traces of chlorine. It's a good idea to give your hair a deep penetrating conditioning treatment. New York hairstylist Richard Stein recommends the following freshening rinse: Mix 1/2 cup cider vinegar with 2 1/2 cups of water. Apply the mixture to your hair after shampooing, leave on one minute, and wash out with lots of cool, clear water.


26 February 2009

Marie Antoinette Award

This award was given to me by Eva of All About Life. Queen Marie Antoinette, is the epitome of real, fun, fearless woman who is never afraid of getting what she wants. She became became Queen of France and Navarre.


A Treat for Your Feet

Last night it was officially announced on TV that it is already summer time here in the Philippines. Hot days are hard on your feet, so why not treat them to a private bath and massage? Before you go to sleep, fill a large bowl or small plastic tub with hot water, and add several slices of fresh lemon and a few sprigs of mint. Let your feet soak (perhaps while you enjoy a chapter of that great new mystery you're reading). Just before the water turns cool, pat your feet dry with a flutty towel and slather on moisturizer, gently massaging it in. For the smoothest toes in town, put an extra helping of moisturizer and wear cotton stocks to bed. In the morning, you'll unveil what feels like a new pair of feet.


25 February 2009

A High Impact Resume

Whether you're looking for a new teaching position or just taking stock of your skills and experience, an updated, ready-to-go resume is a must. Here's all the help you need to write a winner.

1. Carefully pick and choose among the teaching jobs you listed in the Experience category, and create a special category on you resume called a Program Development. Describe all the special projects, and programs and activities you had been involved with, including multicultural arts and curriculum and mini-museum, a special education student magazine, and a junior high school leadership program. Devote three or four line to describing each activity, using verbs like directed, created, developed and designed.

2. List teaching experiences is not enough to tell about you. Make people notice that you are creative and try different things. List all your accomplishments on index cards. Use one card per accomplishment. Next, list the jobs you've held. Finally, group some of your accomplishments with the appropriate job descriptions. Then, pull out for four or five accomplishments to list in a separate section called Special Skills or Highlights. What does this special skill grouping say about you? To arrive at a final format, create a couple of versions, then see one you like best.

3. When you select accomplishments, remember to include group projects you worked on. There's no reason that you have to be the star of every project you list. Team endeavors count a lot for you. You don't need to take credit for dreaming up and developing a given project to list it on resume. Assisting by no means diminishes the value of work.

4. Sell your strengths. Teachers and administrators agree that most education jobs require
the same set of qualities: persistence, character, dedication, flexibility, and a knowledge of your field. So set up a resume that shows how capable you are. Reorganize your resume to reflect your persistence in finding solutions to complex problems or pursuing a goal; your respect for your abilities of students on ethnicities, income levels, and family structures; your professional knowledge and commitment as a guide to instructional strategies and your abilities to deal with stress. One way to emphasize tjpse qualities is to carefully select accomplishments expressing these qualities. Another is to include key buzzwords. A person who mentions that she's involved in a multicultural curriculum or a whole language science project signals sensitivity to educational issues today. It's a good idea to show that you're aware of trends and problems, particularly if they relate to your career goals.

5. Fine-tune the final product. It is important to give your finished resume a careful once-over. To fine-tune, ask friends to read your resume and critique it. Have them describe the impressions your resume conveys, then write and share again. Don't rush to get a final draft.

6. Package your product. Once your resume is written, have it set in type. Then proofread carefully to make sure that the finished version is erro-free. A shocking number of resumes are loaded with grammatical errors and typos. When your resume is finally complete, shoose a subdued white or neutral paper on which to print it. Avoid cutesy logos and flowery type-faces, and spend money on decent photocopying. Your goal is to make your resume look as professional as you are.

(Excerpted from: Write a Resume That Works by Mary Harbaugh)


24 February 2009

Signs of Having a Bad Day


Young People and Money

How do parents develop a healthy respect for money in a preteen youngsters, and on what basis should an allowance be established?

We call it "legal tender", and teaching young people to give this "tender" loving care is an important responsibility of parents. The lessons start early whether we want them to or not. Whatever your child's age, therefore, it's wise to plan some strategies for teaching the lessons about money you want them to learn. Pre-schoolers can be taken on shopping trips and given small sums to buy something to their own choosing. Slightly older children can be let in on discussions of major family purchases, deciding how the money is provided to pay for these (assuming you get it honestly). Early on, children should learn the distinction between using money and merely spending it.

All lessons pertaining to money should be positive, constructive. Too often we let our children see us fretting over problems of inflation and economic shortage. The message we give them is that money is one of the most important things in life and we know that's not true. Whether our children learn to love is much more important than whether they learn to balance a budget. We need to teach them not to overvalue money.

Ideally, we want our children to see money as an extension of themselves, a resource that can go in their place to help others. We want them to realize that they are stewards of their financial resources, charge with the responsibility of using them well. And just as you can't teach your son or daughter to hit a baseball by verbal instruction - you have to put a bat in their young hands and let them swing - you can't just talk about using money wisely and expect youngsters to learn.

The usual vehicle for teaching these values is the allowance. A definition of "allowance" that clarifies all important aspects is: specific sums of money given at regular intervals and designed, by mutual agreement, to cover designated costs as well as discretionary spending money.

The sum and the interval should be an agreement based on experience. Have the child keep track of expenses a few weeks, including regular weekly needs such as bus fare and lunches, as well as reasonable number of "extras". How the child uses the discretionary part of the allowance (morally) must always be a matter of his or her own choice.

Review the amount of the allowance with the child every few months in the beginning, and at least annually with an older youngster. Keep an eye on inflation as well as needs that increase with age. Make sure your child doesn't get too far out on a limb before he or she learns that money doensn't grow on trees.

One of the most damaging mistakes we can make is giving too much. Over giving deprives children of the desire to achieve on their own. We must realize that we are really helping our young people when we don't give them everything they ask for what they have.

Money, after all, is like manure. Spreading it around does a lot of good. If you pile it up it really stinks!

(from Marriage and Family Living)


23 February 2009

Introducing People

Among Strangers

You introduce younger to older people.
"Mr. Young, come and meet Mr. Old."
Lesser in rank are introduces to senior in rank.
"Captain Brown, may I introduce you to Brigadier Black."
Men to Women.
"George, I want you to meet my cousin, Joan Ellis."


When introducing children to adults it is usual to call the older person "Mr." or "Mrs." (or title) and this would also be so if introducing a jobbing gardener to your neighbor. People do use Christian names quite soon enough but is silly for Bobby aged three to begin calling a grown up "Bill" or your lady doctor "Alice". In shops and similar places Christian names would be used with customers unless the assistant was a friend.


Many people especially older folk who have to introduce three or more people to other guests find it impossible to remember all the names. Here are two tricks which can be employed and a friend of mine uses the first one.

1. With a Biro he writes on the palm of his hand, "John Black-Adder (eyebrows), Fiono Cranleigh (red head), Mrs. George Pot (like auntie)." In other words sufficient detail to enable you place the people. Many times he has been complimented on what his neat small handwriting.

2. The other alternative which can be used in emergency is to mumble or cough gently (remembering to put one's head to one's mouth). One "gets away" with this; after all, as has been said, "the only name you remember in an introduction is your own." In such things "Those who mind don't matter and those matter don't mind."


If you meet people on the street, do introduce anyone with you or else say to them "I want to have a word with this person, please excuse me and wait a moment. I'll rejoin you." To just leave your companion standing neglected is poor taste. It's different in a shop where your friend coud browse. If a man is at a theater with a lady companion and someone comes to speak to her, he should stand and she can remain sitting or stand up if she wishes, and she should introduce the friend unless it its only to say a couple of words when it may be unnecessary.


If you are at a gathering and see someone looking shy, never hesitate and go up and say "My name is Jill White. Isn't this a nice do" or something suitable. Such a thoughtful action could make the person's day and yours! A more subtle way is to get a tray of nuts or sweets and offer them so making an excuse for conversation. Good manners are active not passive; encouraging yourself to use them will help to make life a little plesanter for others.

from Etiquette Today by Lady Penelope


17 February 2009

Love and Divorce

Many recently divorced people are often surprised to find that they feel drawn to their ex-spouse and depressed at the loss of marriage. According to William H. Berman, Ph.D., of New York Hospital - Corneli Medical Center, these are normal reactions, a sign of separation from a person to whom one has been strongly -- even miserable -- attached. But is it helpful or harmful to dwell on these feelings? Berman interviewed sixty women, ages twenty-two to fifty-five who had been separated for less than three years. He asked some to recall a loving situation with the ex-spouse, some to recall a hostile conflict, and a control group to think about a loving exchange with a friend. Surprisingly, the women who recalled happy experiences were the ones who ruminated about their ex-husbands. The happy memories evoked feelings of "residual attachment," Berman believes, producing intrusive thoughts about loss of love -- which did not happen with the other two groups. This does not mean that divorcing couples should wallow in rage and and recriminations, says Berman. But they will need to transcend not only the hate and anger of separation but also the feelings of love and loss.


Eye Wear Matters

I started wearing eyeglasses since I was in Grade four. I have changed several eyeglasses for the past years because most of them do not last long and do not fit my needs. I realized that I'm just throwing my money away. Until just recently I decided to change my old eyeglasses. I searched for eyeglasses online until I came across Zenni Optical website. They offer a wide variety of eyeglasses that would suit your style with a very affordable price as low as $8. It is no longer impossible to wear a quality and stylish eyeglasses at Zenni Optical. In fact The New York Times highly recommends eyeglasses from Zenni Optical.

The one at the right is my best choice among all the wide variety of eyeglasses. It fits my style because it is a bit conservative and at the same time it has a touch of modern design. It is made of stainless steel frame with comfortable temples. It has other colors to choose from: Silver, Brown and Black. The price of the lens and frame is only $29.95. I don't have to worry about going to any occassion with this eyeglasses because it fits to any color of whatever dress I'm wearing.

Visit Zeni Optical site to see more of the products, eyeglass categories, popular eye glass models and new arrivals. If you order online regardless of how many eyeglasses you want, they will only charge you $4.95 for shipping and handling. You can save a lot of money.

Don't waste your money! Everything you need about eyeglasses is found at Zenni Optical website.


13 February 2009


To love means to open ourselves to the negative as well as the positive -- to grief, sorrows and disappointment as well as to joy, fullfilment, and an intensity of consciousness we did not know was possible before.

When we "fall" in love, the world shakes and changes around us, not only on the way it looks but in our whole experience of what we are doing in the world. The shaking is consciously felt in its positive aspects - as the wonderful new heaven and earth which love with its miracle and mystery has suddenly produced.

When we love, we give up the center of ourselves. We are thrown from our previous state of existence into a void; and though we hope to attain a new world, a new experience, we can never be sure. Nothing looks the same and may well never look the same again.


Stream Lights Shine

Mt. Apo in the Philippines attracts many climbing enthusiasts during summer season or during the Holy Week. Summer climb is becoming a popular event and many climbers from the different regions of the country flock to the area, out to prove their mountain climbing prowess. Many climbers are composed of the professional sports climbers and amateur category bringing with them the lightest and durable flashlights like Streamlight Flashlight for their lighting needs at night.

Streamlight provides all kinds of lighting needs not only for professionals but also for personal needs. Cilmbers like me should be equipped for cold temperatures and should be bringing streamlight flashlights for our needs at night. Streamlight has pioneered in making rechargeable flashlights and is known to be the trusted source of light. They have made the lastest advancement in technology in terms of lighting needs to every law enforcement and fire department in the US.

The first time I climbed Mt. Apo, I just wanted to feel the actual hard climbing challenge. At night, we really don't have nothing to do but spend time exchanging views with other climbers in the fireside chats. Sometimes we just stay inside the tent playing cards under the light of our streamlight flashlight hanging in our tent. We exchange notes and get tips from experienced climbers with just under our flashlight.

Many climbers develop some kind of addiction to the Mt. Apo Experience. Sometimes it is best to experience the night trek. In times like this, Streamlight answers our needs in terms of power, strength, reliability, and lightweight lights.


"A Woman: Before Love and After Love"

...The day when a woman enjoys her first love cuts her in two... The man is the same after his first love as he was before. The woman is from the day of her first love another. That continues so all through life. The man spends a night by a woman and goes away. His life and body are always the same. The woman conceives. As a mother she is another person than the woman without child. She carries the fruit of the night nine months long in her body. Something grows. Something grows into her life that never again departs from it. She is a mother. She is and remains a mother even though her child die, though all her children die. For at one time she carried the child under her heart. And it does not go out of her heart ever again. Not even when it is dead. All this a man does not know.

... He does not know the difference before love and after love, before motherhood and after motherhood. Only a woman can know that and speak of that... She must always be maiden and always be mother. Before every love she is maiden, after every love she is mother...


12 February 2009

Language of Flowers

you're beautiful


love at first sight


hope of love

first love

remember me


unrequited love

friendship innocence

sad regret

always remembered

true love

spiritual beauty

I wanna get engaged with you


I am sad

timid love

I am worthy



you are afraid


delicate beauty

a compliment




hopeless love


personal worth

happy love

pure and lovely










i love you.


11 February 2009

Personal Appearance on a Date

The way you look on a date is important. In a nationwide poll of thousands of teenagers, Dr. Christensen found that when both boys and girls listed what they considered important in m aking or accepting dates, "pride in personal appearance and manners" ranked third. This doesn't mean that a girl has to be a beauty queen or that a boy must be handsome. It does mean that both sexes expect a date to make an acceptable appearance and behave in a socially acceptable manner.

Dress Appropriately

There is a fashion etiquette as well as a movie or eating eating etiquette. Dressing to suit the occassion is part of fashion know how. You will feel silly in high heels at the basketball game if the other girls are wearing saddle shoes. Your date may resent having to help you up and down the stands continually so that you don't fall. To a sports event you should wear casual clothes, just as to most parties you should wear dressy clothes.

When your date invites you out, he may give you some indication of the type of dress which would be appropriate. If he doesn't, it's perfectly acceptable to ask a boy if this is to be a casual sweater-and-skirt affair, a dress-up or a really gala formal affair. If he tell you what he's wearing it may give you some indication of what outfit you should choose. Girls going to the same event frequently clear with each other on what they will wear.

Boys, too, need to dress appropriately. You will look and feel out of place if the other boys are in sport shirts and you are wearing your best suit. You might be embarrassed. If you show up for a party in Levi's and find your date wearing fancy dress. The best thing is to check with your date ahead of time about clothes. Find out what is expected of you and let her know what is expected of her.

Neatness Does it

Regardless of what you wear, you want to be well groomed. A handsome suit will be wasted if your nails are dirty and you hair uncombed. A girl may manage to look attractive in an old skirt and blouse because she's neat and well groomed. But the most attractive girl, or handsome boy, it snot appealing if grimy. When young people throughout the country talk, about what they consider important in a date, cleanliness and neatness rank high.

Currently some segments of the young adult population try to express their individuality by extremes in hair styles and dress. However young people respond to this, most want an attractive date. On one college campus, the men revolted against that they wanted girls to look feminine. Most fellow would agree.

Happy Valentine's Day!


10 February 2009

I've been busy lately...

I was not able to update my blog lately because I have tons of work to do. I just came from a two day Refresher Course Training for Technical Officials for the Davao Regional Athletic Association Meet 2009. It was held in Davao City last February 7-8, 2009. Since yesterday, I was busy printing diplomas for our graduating students. I still have about 100 diplomas to print. Whew! I hope you will bear with me.


09 February 2009

How Not to Have An Ulcer

    Ulcers tend to be the most painful when the stomach is empty. If you eat often, food helps buffer the effects of digestive acids and enzymes.

    Since these can irritate the digestive tact, your doctor may advise talking them with food.

    ''Smokers have more ulcers, their ulcers are harder to heal, and they're more likely to have recurrences'', says David Graham,M.D.

    Caffeine stimulate acid production, which may in turn exacerbate ulcers.

    This is particularly important for individuals taking the antibiotic metronidazole (Flagly), which can make them severely ill if they drink.

    Doctors say it's one of the worst treatments for ulcers.

    You don't have to eat a bland diet, but steer clear of too spicy foods or any that have irritated your digestive system before.

    ''If any of may ulcer patient test positive for H. pylori, I treat them immediatly rather than waiting for a recurrence,'' says Dr. Graham.


We Aren't As Smart We May Think

Education means the highest possible development of individual's curiosity, wrote Alfred Kazin in Esquire. "Curiosity helps us to see through the existing culture, to realize that the human race is never appreciably more intelligent than it used to be.

We are just as superstitious and ignorant as our ancestors ever were. But it is harder to realize this than it once was. "The easy skills of a technological mass society, founded more and more on tasks that take more training than thought, make it dangerously for us to think we know what we don't know of. Of course, people cannot afford to admit their ignorance. In a mercilessly competitive society where people lie to others and then to themselves, intellectual deterioration becomes irrevocable." Commenting on today's education crisis, Kazin notes, "Anyone who knows what is going on in our schools knows that the problem is not that students don't read classics but that they don't think the world can go under, that the world is as mechanical and usable as switching on the lights and the TV sets. Students do not realize how much human intelligence may be needed to save us from the catastrophes too-practical intelligence has inflicted on us. The world is so full of social disease- environmental cancer, nuclear leaks and possible explosions, violent collisions, and above all, wars in unending chain - that it should be the first task of intelligence at least to confront these horrors."


04 February 2009

Pity Those Who Never Experienced Love

Since February is a love month, I would like to share to you an article written by Norma C. Yambot, a teacher of Sagana Elem. School in Laur, Nueva Ecija, about love and marriage. She said "If there is anything better than to be loved it is loving."

I hope this will inspire you to love more.

Here is the story...

A few years ago, I was invited to a wedding where both the bride and the groom were in their mid-thirties. Both had "sowed their wild oats" so to speak, travelled, had successful careers, and appeared to be sophisticated and confident.

The entire affair was the epitome of underated good taste which meant that it cost a bundle and took months to plan. Six months later I saw the groom at the theater with another woman. At intermission later, we met at the cappuccino bar. He introduced his companion and, by way of explanation, added that he and his wife were "having a trial separation."

On the other hand, my best friend had just dropped out of college and was working in a publishing company for minimum wage. Having just turned twenty-one, he was already a father of a six month old boy before he and the mother of their son decided to marry.

They were married by a justice of the peace and the reception was held in the basement recroom of his parent's home.

Today they have three children and next year they will celebrate their silver anniversary.

What was the ingredient that made one marriage succeed while another failed despite the advantages (?) of emotional maturity and financial stability?

It was, of course, love.

I feel sorry for people who have never been, as they say, "head over heels in love."

Never had their faces ache from smiling so much.

Never understood the lyrics to those soppy love songs and even found themselves humming them.

Never wanted to know every minute detail of the lives of their loved one and in turn divulged their darkest secrets and shared their wildest dreams.

Never experienced how the presence of another human being can make the world such a wonderful place.

It's a magical time of the most intense emotions.

When your every waking thought is of the person you are in love with and even doing something as mundane as grocery shopping, becomes an exciting experience because you are sharing it together.

When little idiosyncrasies that would have annoyed you in someone else, you now find endearing in your sweetheart. And that's what you call her, sweetheart, and honey, and darling, and without sarcasm.

It's time when you feel you can achieve anything and she believes it too. And you wonder how you lived before she came into your life and you catch your breath at the unspeakable anguish you would suffer if she should ever leave you.

Of course, it never stays that intense. After all, if it did who could survive it?

But I was fortunate enough to experience that love and it led to marriage. And though it has mellowed and deepened over the years, I know the memory of that wondrous period over 25 years ago has been something both Chandra and I draw upon when we find each other being somewhat less then perfect mates.

Mind you, I don't think love is the only ingredient that makes marriage succeed, but without it I believe a relationship is doomed to fail or at best be spiritually unfulfilling.

Almost as important as love is respect and trust. I don't believe it is possible to love someone you no longer respect or trust. You have to be able to look at the person in a detached manner and think, if you weren't in a relationship with this person, would you still want to get to know him?

But love is the lubricant that keeps the friction below flash point even though you frequently rub each other the wrong way.

Love is what allows you to overlook his shortcomings and celebrate his strengths.

Love is this amazing bonding agent that can undergo incredible extremes and still maintain its hold.

There is a lot of talk today about the lack of commitment in relationships, specifically, on the part of men.

Love, like anything else worthwhile in life, is not without risk. It takes a considerable amount of courage. Mahatma Ghandi said, "A coward is incapable of exhibiting love, it is the prerogative of the brave."

But my experience has been that if you truly love someone, committment is not a problem. In fact, it is a natural as planning your live together.

Oh, and by the way, if you have to think about whether you're in love, you're not.


03 February 2009

PROMISES Treatment Centers

I came across an article about a drug addict for 17 years. He used almost every mind-altering drug then known to man. As a drug addict and a medical student, he knew enought about various drug properties to keep himself superficially functional. He became increasingly depressed and lost more weight. Finally the time came where he could no longer get enough. He knew he was dying. He was confronted by two doctors and told him that his only chance to survive was to enter a treatment program. He was sent to a center that treats drug and alcohol addiction. A year after, he had fully recovered from the addiction. Drugs was gone. It has never come back.

Addiction is a disease. It is treatable. There is hope. PROMISES Treatment Centers treat addiction to a variety of drugs and substances, including: Alcohol, Cocaine, Codeine, Heroin, Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Oxycodone, and many others.

One of the things we can give to our love ones suffering from addiction is giving them new life. Promises Treatement Centers is the right place of hope and healing. For more inquiries, visit drug treatment center.


dear MOM and DAD, I Love You But Please Don't...

Don't spoil me. I know quite well that I ought not to have all I ask for. I'm only testing you.

Don't be afraid to be firm with me. I prefer it. It makes me feel more secure.

Don't let me form bad habits. I have to rely on you to detect them stupidly "big".

Don't correct me in front of people if you can help it. I'll take much more notice if you talk quietly with me in private.

Don't make me feel that my mistakes are sins. It upsets my sense of values.

Don't be too upset when I say "I hate you," It isn't you I hate, but your power to thwart me.

Don't protect me from consequences. I need to learn the painful way sometimes.

Don't take too much notice of my small ailments. Sometimes they get me the attention I need.

Don't nag. If you do, I shall have to protect myself by appearing deaf.

Don't make rash promises. Remember that I feel badly let donw when promises are broken.

Don't forget that I cannot explain myself as wel as I should like. That is why I am not always very accurate.

Don't be inconsistent. That completely confuses me and makes me lose faith in you.

Don't tax my honesty too much. I am easily frightened into telling lies.

Don't put me off when I ask questions. If you do, you will find that I stop asking and seek my information elsewhere.

Don't tell me my fears are silly. They are terribly real and you can do much to reassure me if you try to understand.

Don't ever suggest that you are perfect or infalliable. It gives me too great a shocl when I discover that you are neither.

Don't ever think that it is beneath your dignity to apologize to me. An honest apology makes me feel surprisingly warm toward you.

Don't forget I love experimenting. I couldn't get on without it, so please put up with it.

Don't forget how quickly I am growing up. It must be very difficult for yo to keep pace with me, but please do try.

Don't forget that I can't thrive without lots of understanding and love, but I don't need to tell you that, do I?


Sun In Your Eyes

I always get an eye irritation since I was young. If I get too much exposure to the sun, my eyes would turn red and teary. The sun is among the worst culprits in eye irritations, says Dr. Norman O. Stahl, a New York ophthalmologist, and "it can cause premature aging of the skin around the eyes."

Visors and wide-brimmed hats block out overhead sun and are fine for reading outdoors on a sunny day - but they don't provide protection against sunlight reflected from sand or concrete patio. The most complete protection for both the eyes and the delicate surrounding skin: a good pair of sunglasses. Any type of lens will protect you against wind and dust and screen out most of the burning ultraviolet rays of the sun. Only dark-colored lenses, however, will shield you from infrared rays as well; although these won't burn you, they can make your eyes red and teary. People with lighter eyes are usually more sensitive to the sun than those with darker eyes and should choose their glasses accordingly. Gray and green lenses are recommended, since they cause only minimal color distortion. When shopping for sunglasses, try them on and look into a mirror. If you can easily see your eyes through the lenses, they are probably too pale to shade for sufficient glare protection.


SEO Services

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Management Services is the answer! It helps in making a Web site generate traffic from relevant search term queries and get top organic Search Engine Ranking. Web site promotion is achieved with effective optimization of your website for top listings in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

An estimated 60-70% of all searchers click on organic listings within the first few pages of search engine results. If a website is not listed in the top-20 listings it will not be found.

Correct implementation of search engine optimization will significantly affect where your web site is positioned against pears. Learn more about SEO and find out the benefits and how it works.


02 February 2009

You are YOU

You are a distinctive and individual expression of a Creative Force. You are not a blueprint or a carbon copy or a ditto of anyone past, present or future. You are you and there is no one quite like you in the world.

You don't look exactly like anyone else, you don't live exactly like anyone else. There are things you can do better than anyone else. There are things you can do better than anyone else can do them, and there are qualities and talents that non one else can possess in exactly the same way that you do. There are thoughts that are you own special revelation. That which makes you YOU is personal, unique and exclusive. All of this is a reflection of a world and a life within.

Talk about how to be a success! the successful person is simply the one who does his best with the things he can do better than anyone else.

Talk about living well! Who lives better than the one who is true to his own inner light?

Talk about being interesting! What is more interesting than the person who is being himself?

Talk about how to be happy! The happy self-unfolded people are those who, with a will to believe in the world and the life within, have found that the secret of really getting the most our of life is to make the most of the qualities that are innately their own...

In this world within, your world, you are the most important figure. There is a place that on one else can fill. There is an influence that no one else can impart. There is a life that no one else can live quite as well as you can live it. What you do with your life within, in terms of self-realization, self-awareness, self-denial and self-expression, is the greatest challenge that can come to you.


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01 February 2009

Smart Schools Program DPSA Entry Competition

I was not able to post here for the past few days because I have been busy organizing our mini website for our school's entry in the Smart Schools Program Doon Po Sa Amin competition. With the MySmartSchools Guide for DPSA Users, I was able to upload our Project site successfully but with some file errors in the photo gallery section. Through the technical assistance of Ms. Marcris Espinosa, one of the members Smart Schools Online Team, I was able to edit the images using HTML codes. It was such a good relief! I was worried after I viewed our project site in another computer because there was a problem with the page layout. I realized that if the browser used is lower than IE7, then there would really be a problem viewing the site. I got relieved after Ms. Maricris told me that the project site I uploaded is just fine. To all my blogosphere friends, please take time to visit our Project site at this link : http://www.mysmartschools.ph/*/bundas/index.htm



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