13 November 2012

Angelica Stuns Twitterverse With Revelations On Split With Derek

Apparently fed up with the malicious intrigues that have continuously hounded her months-ago breakup with Derek Ramsay, Angelica Panganiban took to Twitter on Tuesday to set the record straight on some issues.
The ever-candid Kapamilya actress launched a Twitter press conference of sorts, urging her over two million followers to ask her anything because “pagod na pagod na kong manahimik!!!!”
From more than a dozen of her responses, here’s Angelica’s side of the story:

The “real reason” of the breakup—which was reported in May—was “Napagod na ko magtiis.” It was Angelica who initiated the split, and has no regrets leaving behind the six-year relationship she had with the hunk actor.
Contrary to Derek’s earlier statement that he has communicated with Angelica via email, the latter maintained that they “never” talked after the breakup.
“Ayoko,” Angelica added.
As expected, there were a lot of queries on whether her current boyfriend, John Lloyd Cruz, had anything to do with the separation. “Malayo,” was her terse response.
But was there a third party? Ever playful, Angelica responded, “6th party.”
If she had any insufficiency during her relationship with Derek, it was, according to Angelica, “respeto sa sarili.”
Asked if Derek was “treating you like alalay, taga prepare all of his stuff,” Angelica responded, “Ok naman yun dati.”
The 26-year-old Angelica answered in the affirmative when asked if Derek did not like her gay friends.
Her ex-Fil-British boyfriend also supposedly did not inform her of his decision to transfer to TV5.
“Nagulat na lang ako nasa 5 na sya,” Angelica said.
Angelica reserved answering questions about Derek’s alleged marriage to another woman and alleged unfaithfulness, tagging them as “pang the buzz.” She's likewise mum on whether her former flame had purportedly said “nasty things” to her mother
Curiously, though, she responded “Ex?” when asked, “db may ex wife sya.. Naging issue ba talaga yun sa nyo?”
A netizen argued, “…knowing u know he was married so why speak bout it now when u were ok with it,” to which Angelica admitted, “hindi ko alam yun :) uso kasi gulatan noon :).”
Last year, news broke that Derek purportedly married a certain Mary Christine Jolly, a Filipino-Indian model, about a decade ago. The Kapatid star maintained then that it’s “over and done with.”
On whether she’s willing to get back with Derek if he has his supposed marriage annulled, Angelica said “Haha! hindi :)”
Another one of her intriguing responses was to fellow actress Michelle Madrigal’s question, “pwede na po ba tayo maging friends now na waley na kayo no kuya??? Chos!!”
“Puwede na :) at si @heart021485 (Heart Evangelista),” said Angelica.
The flood on Angelica’s Twitter timeline was seemingly fueled by a recent blind item which many believe is about her, Derek, John Lloyd, and his ex-GF Shaina Magdayao. Angelica refuted the alleged confrontation between her and Shaina which was mentioned in the said item, maintaining, “Never. Desenteng tao si Shaina.”
“Halos mamatay na ko kakatrabaho.. Dudumihan nyo lang pangalan ko?” she lamented.
In spite of the seeming drama, Angelica still knows how to poke fun at herself, make light of the situation.
“Pupusta ko ang nakalagay sa headline sakin ‘angelica,d maka move on’ or ‘angelica, bitter’ naks! #sanabukas haha!” she posted.
She turned quite serious, however, in this tweet: “Ayuuuun.... Nagsumbong na... Sumasagot lang naman ako ng mga tanong nyo diba? Lahat naman ng ito may warning noon pa :) ayaw nyong tumigil.”
Her parting words were, “Sana napasaya ko kayo sa the buzz on a tuesday ko. :) 9months na ang nakalipas. Wag na kayong manira at makisakay. Nang hindi ako magsalita.”
Meanwhile, Derek has not issued a statement on this development as of this writing.




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