30 September 2011

Sex workers' virginity certified in PH government clinics

ABS-CBNNews.com reports that Kristie Kenney, who was then US ambassador to the Philippines, revealed in a cable she sent in 2009 that "(Philippine) government clinics certify bar workers' sexual health and their virginity."

In Cable 09MANILA1827, which has been posted on WikiLeaks, Kenney alleged that "although prostitution is illegal in the Philippines, social hygiene clinics run by local governments sometimes operate closely with nightclubs in red light districts."


Actors admit having gay sex

 EDDIE Garcia admitted that he had a sexual experience with another man when he was young.
“In my younger years, siguro I was 15 years old. Kailangan lahat ng bagay sa mundo kailangan mo subukan,” he said.
DJ Durano also admitted that he had a same-sex relationship when he was young. Carlos Agassi likewise confessed that when he was about 18 years old, he had a one-year relationship with another man. He recalled the experience, saying: “It made me a better person.”


Tracing Chinese ancestry of stars

President Noynoy Aquino recently visited China, where he traced his Chinese roots. His mother, the beloved Tita Cory (President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino) has Chinese blood, the Cojuangco’s ancestors originally coming from China.
Of course, and it follows that the president’s sister, Kris Aquino, is Chinese mestiza, evident in her flawless, fair complexion.
The late Jaime Cardinal Sin also traced his roots to China.
Even movie queen Susan Roces and Amalia Fuentes have Chinese blood – not to mention French (Susan) and Spanish (Amalia).


Michelle Obama Spotted Shopping At Target

First Lady Michelle Obama was spotted on a recession-friendly shopping trip at the Target in Alexandria, Va. A casually dressed Mrs. Obama was snapped by Associated Press photographers wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses pushing her cart and carrying shopping bags.


'Ramon" is expected to enter PH on Saturday

Tropical depression “Ramon” is expected to enter the Philippines as typhoon “Quiel” makes a landfall in Cagayan on Saturday, weather bureau PAGASA said.

Speaking to dzMM, PAGASA officer-in-charge and Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Undersecretary Graciano Yumul said Ramon will enter the Philippine area of responsibility by Saturday as Quiel makes a landfall in Cagayan.


28 September 2011

‘Fried egg’ star spotted in deep space

If the Universe was born in quark soup and the Moon is made of green cheese, it’s only logical that there should be a star named after a cholesterol hazard.
Astronomers have named a remarkable star 13,000 light years away the “Fried Egg Nebula” because of its yellow, yolk-like core and billowing white surround.


List of banned stars on TV stations KBS, MBC revealed

From drug users, drunk drivers to gamblers, Korean celebrities who were involved in sticky situations now find themselves banned from appearing on TV shows as imposed by Korean TV stations.
Documents submitted to a national audit by Korea’s National Assembly revealed that TV stations KBS and MBC have banned 36 celebrities including entertainer Shin Jung Hwan, who was convicted by a Korean court this year for illegal gambling in Cebu City in the Philippines; and singer MC Mong, who was banned for dodging his military service.


Coffee linked with lower depression risk in women

Women who drink four cups of coffee a day are 20 percent less likely to become depressed than women who rarely drink coffee, U.S. researchers said on Monday.
Caffeine is the most frequently used central nervous system stimulant in the world, and coffee consumption accounts for about 80 percent of caffeine use.
Drinking coffee offers a boost of energy and a lift in well being, said Alberto Ascherio of Harvard School of Public Health.
"This short-term effect is what drives the consumption of caffeine," said Ascherio, whose study appears in the Archives of Internal Medicine.


'TV Patrol' vies for Emmys

 ABS-CBN primetime newscast “TV Patrol” gains its first ever nomination in the 2011 International Emmy Awards.
The 24-year-old news program’s coverage of the “Manila Hostage Crisis” on Aug. 23, 2010 has been included under the news nominees, and will be pitted against Brazil's “Jornal Nacional: ‘War on Drugs,’" Iceland's “RUV News: ‘Volcano Eruption at Eyjafjallajokull’” and the United Kingdom's “SkyNews Live at Five: ‘Inside the Taliban.’"


Camille Prats asks for short vacation from her TV soap

Now that her husband Anthony Linsangan has already been laid to his final resting place, Camille Prats plans to take a sabbatical from her soap opera, “Munting Heredera.”
“Humingi si Camille ng ilang araw na bakasyon sa producer niya sa kanyang primetime soap na  ‘Munting Heredera.’ Pero sa Biyernes daw ay magte-taping siya,” Lhar Santiago reported on “24 Oras,” Sept. 27.


The Man who Saved the World

Stanislav Petrov was manning surveillance equipment for the Soviet Air Defense Forces when he noticed something strange on the screen.  Soon after, warning signals started flashing with the report of an incoming nuclear missile from the USA.


Saudi woman driver to be lashed

Court in Saudi Arabia sentences woman to 10 lashes for defying the country's ban on female drivers.

Amnesty International says a court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a woman to 10 lashes for challenging a ban on women driving in the conservative kingdom.


MMDA urinal joins world's weirdest

 Many men, particularly motorists, appreciate them. More women find them outrageous, even scandalous.
They have spawned controversy in Metro Manila, pitting some mayors against the head of a government agency who came up with the idea.
And today, long after the man who spawned them has been out of office, and they have turned from pink to green, the MMDA outdoor urinal has achieved worldwide fame or notoriety.


The 10 Most Air-Polluted Cities in the World

Environmentalists in the U.S. are not happy with President Obama, in part because he pulled back on a promise to tighten ground-level ozone and smog standards for air pollution. But American greens should remember: much of the rest of the world has it far, far, far worse.


27 September 2011

DFA Consular Affairs Office announces schedule for those affected by typhoon Pedring

The Department of Foreign Affairs – Office of Consular Affairs (DFA-OCA) announced a schedule for passport applicants who were unable to file their applications due to heavy rains brought by typhoon Pedring.
In view of the continuing inclement weather brought about by heavy rains and strong winds, the DFA-OCA is suspending its passport and other consular operations today, September 27.
Passport applicants scheduled today, who were or are unable to file their applications, may come any day until October 7 (Friday) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Typhoon Pedring attacking Roxas Boulevard [Video]


Water released from 4 dams—Pagasa

Water was released Tuesday from four dams in Luzon as continuous rains spawned by Typhoon “Pedring” brought their levels to spilling level if they haven’t spilled over yet.
As of 10 a.m., the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Atmospheric Services Administration (Pagasa) said that two gates were opened at one meter each from the Ipo and Ambuklao dams while Binga dam opened three and Magat dam one, with openings of two meters each.


China search for next Yao

Washington Wizard forward Yi Jianlian has emerged as China’s main man in the post-Yao Ming era, leading his country to a 15th Asian championship with a series of formidable performances.
But the 23-year-old is not the only player that has taken the opportunity to seize a slice of the spotlight after Houston Rocket Yao, a hero to hundreds of millions of basketball-mad Chinese, announced his retirement in July.
Besides anchoring Team China on both ends of the floor, Yi calmly knocked down the winning free throw with 28 seconds left in the Asian final on Sunday against Jordan, sending the passionate home town crowd in Wuhan into a frenzy.


18 Facebook Facts

  1. 1 in every 13 people on Earth is on Facebook
  2. 35+ demographic represents more than 30% of the entire user base
  3. 71.2 % of all USA internet users are on Facebook
  4. In 20 minutes 1,000,000 links are shared on Facebook
  5. In 20 minutes 1,484,000 event invites are posted
  6. In 20 minutes 1,323,000 photos are tagged


Coke Soda can clean the inside of a Toilet Bowl

Coke Soda can be used to clean the inside of a toilet bowl. 
Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl. Let the "real thing" sit for one hour, then flush clean. The citric acid in Coke removes stains from vitreous china.


Carrot Used to be Purple, Not Orange

Purple carrots have extra antioxidant power because of their unique anthocyanins, as well as extra beta-carotenes. Anthocyanins are special color pigments that double as pretty powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are common in many of the red, blue, and purple produce and work to combat free radicals. 


Fighting Cervical Cancer With Vinegar and Ingenuity

In Poyai, Thailand, Maikaew Panomyai did a little dance coming out of the examination room, switching her hips, waving her fists in the air and crowing, in her limited English: “Everything’s O.K.! Everything’s O.K.!”


26 September 2011

Nurses urged to look for jobs in Saudi, not US

Filipino nurses should look for jobs in Saudi Arabia, according to the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP).

Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil producer has emerged as the most aggressive recruiter of Filipino nurse practitioners, outpacing the United States, said TUCP secretary-general and former Senator Ernesto Herrera.


Can eating fish lower the risk of strokes?

People who eat fish a few times each week are slightly less likely to suffer a stroke than those who only eat a little or none at all, according to an international analysis.
The omega-3 fatty acids in fish may lower stroke risk through their positive effects on blood pressure and cholesterol, wrote Susanna Larsson and Nicola Orsini of Sweden's Karolinska Institute in the journal Stroke.


Mysterious deaths

 An average of two Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) mysteriously die monthly in the Middle East, a Filipino migrant rights watchdog reported.
According to Migrante-Middle East regional director John Leonard Monterona, the figure is based on combined reports from Migrante chapters throughout the Middle East citing local news reports and from the kin of the OFWs who have sought its assistance.
Monterona clarified that the figure Migrante has does not include those reported to various Philippine diplomatic posts.


Toni-Mariel friendship remains intact

Toni Gonzaga dispelled speculations of another rift with Mariel Rodriguez, maintaining that they are “on speaking terms” amid the latter’s controversial exit from ABS-CBN.
“This is to assure everyone na there is no issue between me and Mariel. Mariel and I are okay… Hindi na mauulit pa ‘yung akala niyo ‘yung dating may misunderstanding, may rift, wala. Wala hong ganun ngayon,” said the multi-hyphenated Kapamilya star on “The Buzz,” Sept. 25.


'Pedring' to hit Luzon

 At least nine areas in Luzon were placed under public storm warning signal Sunday, as tropical storm “Pedring” (international name: “Nesat”) threatened to make landfall over Isabela-Aurora Monday night.
The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) said the eye of the storm was located 460 kilometers (km) east-northeast of Virac, Catanduanes Sunday afternoon.


Pregnant at 61: Late-in-life choice stirs debate in Brazil

A woman who at 61 is expecting not a pension check but her first baby has stirred some controversy in Brazil over just when it might be too late to give birth.
The woman in question, whose case has appeared in local media, asked that her name be withheld. She is post-menopausal, married to a man who is 38, and became pregnant with a donor egg. She is due in November.


Mass Grave Discovered in Libya Holds 1,270 Bodies

Remains of inmates who were killed by Qaddafi regine ub 1996 discovered by rebel authorities.

Libyan rebel authorities have discovered what they say is a massive grave in Tripoli containing remains of 1,270 people, according to the Associated Press.


25 September 2011

The Little Mermaid Controvery [Photos]

From the images below, there is a " HIDDEN PENIS " on the old cover of Disney's " The Little Mermaid.


Balloons Carry A Man In A Chair Over The Alps

Jonathan Trappe — the 38-year-old North Carolinan adventurer who floats through the sky using of a cluster of balloons — is at it again; this time flying over the Alps in his lawn chair tied to dozens of helium-filled balloons. Starting in the French mountain town of Châteauvieux, Trappe took flight for 12 hours, soaring above the French and Italian Alps using 54 balloons filled with helium. He landed near the Italiantown of Andezeno, where he was bestowed with claim to fame of being the first person to cross the Alps via cluster ballooning.


24 September 2011

January wedding for Shalani, Roman

Wedding bells will ring sooner for Valenzuela Councilor Shalani Soledad and Pasig City Congressman Roman Romulo as they are set to exchange “I do’s” on January 2012.
In a tweet by “Startalk” TV host Ricky Lo on Sept. 23, he stated that the wedding “has been reset to Jan. 22, 2012 upon the advice of a feng shui expert… Instead of February 2012.”


5 Myths about Millionaires

This past week, President Obama tried to sell his new “millionaires’ tax” to the Rust Belt. “What’s great about this country is our belief that anyone can make it,” he said in Cincinnati on Thursday, praising “the idea that any one of us can open a business or have an idea that could make us millionaires.” But who are the millionaires Obama is talking about? And will a tax on them help the economy? Let’s examine a few presumptions about the man with the monocle on the Monopoly board.


NASA satellite falls to earth

The US space agency, NASA, says its six-tonne Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite has plunged to earth, showering debris over a still unknown part of the planet.

Re-entry of the defunct satellite - about the size of a bus - was expected between 03:45 and 04:45 GMT on Saturday, NASA said.


Do Men Fall in Love Faster?

Ever see a woman and instantly know that you want to be with her? (Imagining you two between the sheets doesn’t count—we’ve all experienced that.) Well, you’re not alone, according to a recent online survey.
The survey, conducted for the new novel When You Were Mine, found that 20 percent of British men have experienced love at first sight, compared to just 13 percent of women. What gives? Are men really more likely to fall head over heels?


Camille Prats has 'accepted' husband's death – manager

Amid grieving over the death of her husband Anthony Linsangan, who passed away on Sept. 23 due to nasopharyngeal cancer, actress Camille Prats bravely faces this trying phase in her life.
Her manager, Arnold Vegafria, told “24 Oras” in an interview aired Friday night, “Accepted niya, matapang naman si Camille. Siyempre andun pa rin ‘yung pain, ‘yung lungkot… [But] let’s pray nalang for the soul of Anthony and ipag-pray rin natin si Camille.”


23 September 2011

Baby James allows mom Kris Aquino to 'like' Diether Ocampo

It seems there’s hope for romance to bloom between Kris Aquino and Diether Ocampo as the former’s son, Baby James, has permitted her to “like” the hunk actor.
In the Sept. 22 episode of “Kris TV,” the TV host-actress related to Diether, one of her guests, “Tinanong ko si Bimby, pinapanood ka namin. Sabi ko, ‘Bimb, can Tito Diet become my boyfriend?’ And sinabi niya sa’kin, ‘But why?’ Sabi ko, ‘Oh, okay. Why not?’ ‘Because I love you, Mama. You can like him, but don’t love him,’ [sabi niya]. Okay, so at least may permiso ka na na I can like you.”


US Ambassador Harry Thomas: 40% of male foreigners in PH for "sexual tourism"

ABS-CBNNews.com reports that United States Ambassador to the Philippines  Harry Thomas has "called for the prosecution of Americans caught in crimes with children or cybersex in the Philippines."

In a speech before selected justices of the Court of Appeals, Thomas said that the US will assist in the prosecution of offenders as well as the rescue of victims. "I've told [Justice] Secretary [Leila] de Lima, any American caught in crimes with children or cybersex should be prosecuted," he said.


A Woman from Florida Gives Birth To Twins From Two Uteruses

Twenty-four-year-old Florida woman Andreea Barbosa gave birth to healthy fraternal twins Nathan and Natalie last week at Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, Fla. But Barbosa's birth story is unlike that of most other new moms: She has two uteruses, and one twin was born from each uterus.


22 September 2011

Moymoy Palaboy YouTube Video Hits 3 Million Views

Apparently impressed by Moymoy Palaboy’s comic take on Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody,” with the special participation of Mark Herras, “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest  posted the comic’s YouTube video on his website.
Since it was posted on YouTube in 2009, the video generated more than three million views. A Japanese fan even made an anime version of the duo’s video.


Thia, not just Maria, to sing anthem at Pacquiao fight

Another Filipina is set to sing at boxing champ Manny Pacquiao’s upcoming fight.
Fil-American Thia Megia was asked by the pound-for-pound king to sing “Star Spangled Banner,” the national anthem of the United States of America before his fight with Juan Manuel Marquez on Nov. 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The “American Idol” Season 10 finalist broke the news on “24 Oras” Sept. 19. “I met him (Pacquiao) last Saturday. It was amazing. I got to sing the national anthem for him… He told me that I will be singing in his next fight… I have been watching his fights for years. I’m so happy and I’m so excited,” the 16-year-old singer related.


Manila to host ASEAN Maritime Legal Experts Meeting

The Philippines will host the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Maritime Legal Experts’ Meeting on September 22-23, 2011 at Hotel Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Pasay City.
Maritime legal experts from the ten Member States of ASEAN—Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam—will meet to discuss the Philippine proposal for a Zone of Peace, Freedom, Friendship, and Cooperation (ZoPFF/C) in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).


15 Unbreakable Sports Records

Mariano Rivera’s stunning 602 career saves—and counting—is one of many records that will likely remain unbroken. The Daily Beast looks at 15 other amazing athletic records.
The New York Yankees’ Mariano Rivera finds himself in a unique position: a career record holder, one of the greatest pitchers in the history of Major League Baseball, and still going strong at an age when most players have already hung up their cleats.


Louis Vuitton's exhibition: "The Art of Fashion”

Louis Vuitton today unveils the exhibition “Louis Vuitton: The Art of Fashion,” curated by Katie Grand and held at Milan’s design museum La Triennale.

The exhibit coincides with the opening of Milan Fashion Week as well as the luxury brand’s new store in Via Montenapoleone 2, after seven months of restoration. Inspired by Peter Marino’s blueprint, the store boasts the first Salon de Haute Maroquinerie in the world and the first Travel Room in Europe. 


21 September 2011

LTO tightens emission testing guidelines

Motorists are now required to submit their vehicles to smoke emission testing only at private emission testing centers (PETC) located within the district area of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) from where they file or renew registration papers.
LTO chief Assistant Secretary Virginia Torres has ordered the strict implementation of the rule on geographical area of responsibility (GAOR) to all regional LTO directors, assistant directors, district office heads and even operators of PETCs and PETC-information technology firms nationwide.


Ellen DeGeneres' Pinay housekeeper Mindy attends Emmys as correspondent

ABS-CBNNews.com reports that the Balitang America crew ran into talk show host Ellen De Generes' Filipina housekeeper at theEmmys.

Luzviminda Casimiro, who is known to fans as Mindy, told the Balitang America crew,  "I'm here as a correspondent for Ellen Degeneres' show. I'll be interviewing the winners after they win."


Passenger gives birth on a plane

A Filipina passenger onboard a Philippine Airlines flight bound for San Francisco, California gave birth to a bouncing baby boy last Tuesday (Manila time) just hours before landing at the Bay Area airport.
PR104 departed Manila for San Francisco last Monday at 10:24 pm.
Some eight hours into flight, Aida Alamillo, a passenger who was assigned to seat 83J suddenly experienced contractions forcing her to call on the PAL flight attendants for assistance.


Antoinette Taus gets new lease in career via vocal group

Former teenybopper actress Antoinette Taus, once known for engaging acting work as seen in landmark shows “T.G.I.S.” (1995) and “Anna Karenina” (1996), has reinvigorated her showbiz career by hooking up with vocal group Kinfolk 9 that's currently competing in the NBC show, “The Sing-Off.”
The American talent show series is already on its third season and it is hosted by Jessica Simpson’s ex, Nick Lachey. The judges for the show include Ben Folds, Shawn Stockman (member of recent Manila visitor, Boyz II Men), and Sara Bareilles.


'Glee:' More enjoyable on TV than on the big screen

Nothing beats watching your favorite act perform before you in a live concert. “Glee” attempts to capture that feeling but only averagely succeeds in its “3D Concert Movie.”
Following Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, and the great Michael Jackson in having a 3D concert film, it is apparently an understatement that “Glee” has made a phenomenal impact on its audience.


Sports Unlimited: Beach games with the Azkals

Sports Unlimited and The Azkals continued their fun competition in Misibis Bay Resort in Cagraray Island, Bacacay, Albay.

Earlier, Sports Unlimited-Misibis Bay Team won the go-kart relay, making Dyan and Marc’s group ahead by one point in the competition. They decided to carry on their duel at the beach.


Exercise Myths

There are more myths about exercise than there are gods on Mount Olympus. Maybe you heard one at the gym, read it in a magazine, or saw it on the Internet. Regardless of the source, exercise myths can stand in the way of getting the physical activity you need to stay trim, fit, and healthy. Here are some common falsehoods and half truths about exercise, followed by a reality check.


Google Plus Opens to All & Announces 9 New Features

Just ahead of Facebook's f8 Conference, Google has announced nine new features for Google Plus, and there are some doozies. First of all, the social network is now open to the public. No sign-up required. Just go to google.com/+ and join the party. (New to Google Plus? Here's how to use it.) For the past 12 weeks, the network has been in "field trial" mode, but Senior Vice President of Engineering Vic Gundotra says that it is now "ready to move from field trial to beta." Open sign-ups is touted as the 100th feature of Google Plus.


What a million dollar iSchool looks like?

Pads are the new no. 2 pencil, heading out in droves to teach everyone from kindergarteners to college students what’s what. (Minor drawbacks compared to the pencil: you can’t chew on the magical device and need more skill to launch it at fellow pupils).

Cult of Mac wanted to know how those iPads get into schools – which ones want them, how they get paid for, what schools are doing with them – so we caught up with Brayden Wardrop.


20 September 2011

GenSan goes all-out in homecoming fete for Shamcey

Wild cheers and enthusiastic smiles greeted 2011 Miss Universe 3rd runner-up Shamcey Supsup as she finally returned home to this city Tuesday morning to a rousing hero’s welcome and homecoming celebration “fit for a returning queen.”

Thousands of residents crowded the city’s main streets to get a glimpse of the returning beauty queen, who practically captured the world’s attention following her impressive win at the 60th Miss Universe pageant last week in Sao Paolo, Brazil.


President Aquino now on the steps of the "Terrace of the Presidents"

President Benigno S. Aquino's name was engraved on the step of the “Terrace of the Presidents” at Fordham University, joining the names of other 40 world leaders, including his mother, who were also conferred with an honorary Doctor of Law degree.


Tab for Non-Communicable Diseases to Top $47 Trillion by 2030

The escalating epidemic of non-communicable diseases could could cost the world $47 trillion over the next two decades, according to a report published Monday as United Nations representatives open a two-day, high-level meeting on the issue.


Mariel, Sharon to jump ship?

 Since channel 5's reinvention in 2009, many stars from the Kapamilya and Kapuso networks have moved to what is now known as TV5. But could there be new additions to its growing roster? More importantly, could they be TV hosts Mariel Rodriguez and Sharon Cuneta?


Big Bang, EXILE snag nominations in MTV Europe Music Awards

 Boys bands Big Bang of South Korea and EXILE of Japan bagged nominations in the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011.

The two and five other singers are nominated in the Worldwide Act Asia Pacific category. Other nominees are Indonesia’s Agnes Monica, Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, Chinese pop singer Jane Zhang, and Australian singers Sia and Gotye.


The human cost of chocolate

It may be unthinkable that the chocolate we enjoy could come from the hands of children working as slaves. In Ivory Coast and other cocoa-producing countries, there are an estimated 100,000 children working the fields, many against their will, to create the chocolate delicacies enjoyed by Western countries.


19 September 2011

Using Photoshop, Artist Distorts Reality

In his series Distortion, German photographer Ralf Brueck manipulates reality on Photoshop: Buildings stretch upwards vertiginously, road signs blur into the background and cities reflect a hazy mirage in the sky above them.


Chinese Factories Export Enough Bad Apples to ‘Supply the World’

Factories in the Guangdong province in China are exporting enough counterfeit Apple products to “single-handedly supply the world”, a US diplomat wrote in a cable published online by WikiLeaks.

The cable, dated September 2008, said poor-quality fakes are most likely built using illegally-obtained production molds. “This can result in fakes that appear flawless on the surface, but whose internal hardware is substandard,” the cable read.


How to Rescue a Ring from the Sink Drain

Your engagement ring just slid down the kitchen drain. Bring back your bling with these easy steps:

1. Turn off the water. (The main valve, under the sink--not just the faucet.)

2. Place a bucket under the pipe trap (the U-curve that the pipe under the sink makes before it goes out the back wall).



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