28 September 2011

List of banned stars on TV stations KBS, MBC revealed

From drug users, drunk drivers to gamblers, Korean celebrities who were involved in sticky situations now find themselves banned from appearing on TV shows as imposed by Korean TV stations.
Documents submitted to a national audit by Korea’s National Assembly revealed that TV stations KBS and MBC have banned 36 celebrities including entertainer Shin Jung Hwan, who was convicted by a Korean court this year for illegal gambling in Cebu City in the Philippines; and singer MC Mong, who was banned for dodging his military service.
Seogwipo, Jeju Province Rep. Kim Jae Yun of the National Assembly’s Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting and Communications Committee, revealed the list of 36 banned stars on TV.
The list includes 12 stars banned for drugs, eight for nudity, four for gambling, three for statutory rape and sex scandal, three for stock manipulation and embezzlement, two for drunk driving and hit and run, and two for theft, according to Korean media.
The celebrities banned on TV are:
KBS – Seong Young Chang, Lee Kyeong-yeong, Jeong Wuk, singer Chung Ahn, Cheon In Kwon, Na Han-il, Joo Ji Hoon, Yoon Seol-hee, Ye Haek-young, Oh Kwang-rok, Jeong Jae-jin, comedian Kwak Han-goo, Lee Sang-min, Seo Se-won, TV host Kang Byung-gyu, rapper Crown J, MC Mong, Shin Jung Hwan, Lee Sung-jin, singer Kim Yong Jun, Jeon Chang-geol and Yeo Wook-hwan.
MBC – Actor Kim Jun Won, Yoo Yeon-sil, Jeong Myeong Hyeon, bands Rux and The Coach, Lee Kyeong-yeong, Na Han-il, Joo Ji Hoon, Ye Haek-young, Yoon Seol-hee, Oh Kwang-rok, Jeong Jae-jin, Kim Ji-Hoon, Kim Sung-min, Crown J, Jeon Chang-geol, Kang Byung-gyu, Kwak Han-goo, Lee Sang-min, Shin Jung Hwan, MC Mong, Kim Yong Jun, and Yeo Wook-hwan.
Rep. Kim said the ban violates freedom of expression. In July, Kim criticized KBS for cancelling the appearance of boy band JYJ in a concert to promote Jeju Island.
JYJ is also banned from appearing on TV music shows stemming from an ongoing lawsuit between them and SM Entertainment.
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