29 April 2009

Preparation for the PC Hardware Servicing Certification

I was not able to update my blog lately because I'm attending an ICT training for Top 3 Technical Vocational High Schools in Tagum National Trade School, Tagum City. The training started last April 27, 2009 and will end on May 1, 2009.

After a three-day dry run in the 5 core competencies for PC Hardware Servicing National Certification II, our group is now preparing for the assessment. The first batch will have their assessment today. I will have mine tomorrow. Wish me luck :)


27 April 2009

How to password protect your powerpoint presentation?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful tool to use for creative presentations. Some of my students would always complain that their presentations saved in their own folder in My Documents are deleted or altered by others. I found a solution to this problem.

In office network your computer can be accessed by any other user and made some undesirable changes to it. You can prevent this by protecting your document by applying password so that unauthorized person can not display as well as modify your document.

Password to open the document:
If it is applied then you have to give the correct password to open the document, otherwise you cannot open the document.

Password to modify the document:

If it is applied then you have to give the correct password to modify the document, otherwise your document is opened but you cannot modify the document. It means that your document becomes read-only.

To apply a password to your PowerPoint presentation, follow these steps.
- Open Save As dialog box by selecting "Save As" command from File menu.
- Click "Tools" button of Save As dialog box and choose "Security Options" from drop down menu, "Save" dialog box appears as shown in figure below.
- Enter first password in "Password to open" text box and second password in "Password to modify" text box (if required) and click "Ok" button of dialog box. Microsoft PowerPoint will open "Confirm Password" dialog box for the confirmation of passwords. The maximum length of password is 15 characters.

- Re-enter the password to open and password to modify and click "Ok" button of Confirm Password dialog boxes one by one.
- Click "Save" button of Save As dialog box.


24 April 2009

How to Insert your Digital Signature into Word Documents?

How can you insert your Digital Signature into Word Documents? Most people don't give value that there is any technique to sign files electronically and then send via fax or email.

Follow the given steps to insert your signature electronically in Word documents:

First of all scan your signature page and then save image using (.GIF or .JPEG) extension. Now you have scanned image of your signature, save the image on your computer and note that file name where you save it.

Click on Start button, go to Program then click on Microsoft Word to run the word page.

Now go to Insert menu, click on Picture> From File then browses your scanned signature file and click Insert button to add this file in word.

If your signature is not looking so good and its size is wrong then you should rescan your signature then repeat all the steps to insert it again.

To save your signature for reuse in future documents, highlight the signature graphic, and then choose insert AutoText-New. Here a new Create Auto Text dialog box will appear. Name your signature and click ok.

Now just type the name the file of your signature and press Enter to insert your signature in the future or choose insert AutoText-Normal then click on signature name. There is no need of ink, Word jump down in your digital signature.

Source: Computer Tips


Lupon Celebrates its 56th Town Fiesta

The curtain rises in Lupon's 6 day celebration with the series of shows. The celebration will start on the 23rd with a boxing match undertaken by the Sports Development, on the 24th a magic show will be shown sponsored by the MRIC or Municipal Rural Improvement Club of Lupon, on the 25th a concert with the Tagum City Band will be held at the same venue, while on the 25th a dance and fashion concert will be held in Lupon gymnasium, on the 27th a Disco and on the 28th an LGU sponsored Pabibo sa Summer 09.

The LGU has also treat the people of this municipality,they have organized an Amateur Singing Contest on the 26th and a series of hilarious and enjoyable parlor games, nevertheless will be held on the day of 25th, its one way of saying VIVA SAN VICENTE FERRER and thinking the Lord above for the wonderful gifts and hers bestowed upon the people and the whole community of Lupon.

(image courtesy of www.lupon.gov.ph)


How to clear all windows history files with a single click?

Just recently I tried to manage all types of user history in windows operating system of all the computers in the computer laboratory. I found this tip from Computer Tips site. This is a built-in feature of all windows keeps track the user's history, for example the websites you have visited, the documents you have opened and the keywords or files for which you've searched. This is very useful, if you are sharing your computer with others or you do not want that the other persons know about your last visited documents history. You can clear these kinds of user's history with a single click on desktop icon named Cleanmru.reg. There is no need to clear each history file one by one. This trick will work in nearly all of the windows versions like windows 2000, XP and 2003.

Follow the given steps for configuration to clear recently opened documents automatically:

To edit the computer registry, first you should log onto your computer with administrative rights.
Here copy the following 6 lines and paste in notepad then save with the name Cleanmru.reg on your desktop.
[-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TypedURLs]
[-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Search Assistant\ACMru]

When you double-click Cleanmru.reg icon to remove the windows history, a small dialog box will appear with the information "Are you sure you want to add the information in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\desktop\Clearmru.reg to the registry?"

At the end, you will get the message "Information in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\desktop\Clearmru.reg has been successfully entered into the registry." Click on Ok button and verify that your all history will have been clear.


23 April 2009

Woman: The Softer Side

Women are always listening:

- the young mother for the sound of her baby turning in the crib;

- the older mother for the telltale that young folks are home from the late party;

- the grandmother for the "Sleep tight, Grandma," called upstairs to her at the day's end.

And it all started because a girl listened to the right whistle from the across the street.


Hairstyle Pre-imaging

Many Japanese hair salons use the Hair Simulator to show how any of 300 hairstyles will look on you. Pick a style from a catalog, punch in its number, look into the monitor, and viola, there you are on the color screen in your new coiffure (you can get a print in black and white). Saves time, reduces complaints, improves communication, and is fun to use. When not stimulating haircuts, the machine doubles as a community bulletin board and restaurant guide.


21 April 2009

I want this car!!!

This is a Mercedes Benz Maybach Luxury Car. It has many luxury features such as fully-reclining rear seats, Maybach 4 zone climate control, tinted-windows, infrared-reflecting laminated glass all round, AirMATIC dual control air suspension, display instruments in rear roof liner (showing speed, time and outside temperature), folding rear tables (left and right), BOSE Surround Everywhere sound system and a refrigerator compartment. It also includes an array of additional features such as Cockpit Management and Navigation System (COMAND), which includes DVD navigation, CD changer in rear seats, DVD players and TV tuners front and rear, two rear LCD TV screens including remote control and two sets of headphones, and automatic closing doors. It costs around $1,350,000.

The sunroof turns from opaque to crystal clear depending on the passengers preference.

STOP dreaming! Be happy with what we got. :)


The Harry Potter Gay Kiss Scandal

I'm not a fan of Daniel Radcliffe or popularly known as Harry Potter. But I was shocked when I saw this video. Be the judge. Is he really a gay?


ICT Trainings for the Top 3 Regional ICT Tech-Voc High Schools for Summer 2009

Series of ICT trainings for teachers of Top 3 Regional ICT Tech-Voc High Schools shall be conducted this April to May 2009.

Regional ICT Tech-Voc High Schools will be required to offer PC Hardware Servicing as an additional mandated specialization and shall offer another ICT specialization/s from the following areas:

a. Programming
b. Networking
c. Animation
d. Visual Graphic Design
e. IT Essentials
f. CCNA Discovery

The objectives of these trainings are:
a. prepare the teachers in the implementation of ICT-enhanced curriculum for Regional ICT Tech-Voc High Schools which shall be rolled out beginning SY 2009- 2010;
b. upskill the ICT teachers of Regional ICT schools in their chosen ICT specializations
c. for teachers to undergo competency assessment immediately after the training.

The schedule and venue of ICT trainings are as follow:


20 April 2009

World Not Ending Soon

Two scientists in the United States say life on Earth may go on much longer than some now believe. Ken Caldeira and James Kasting believe that life on Earth has up to 1,500 million more years to go. Much longer than the British scientists proposed ten years ago. James Lovelock and M. Whitfield said that life on Earth will end in 100 million years.

Mr. Lovelock and Mr. Whitfield said that in about 5,000 million years the sun would burst into a giant red star. But long before that, the sun will get brighter, warming the Earth. As the Earth warms, silicate rocks would remove carbon dioxide from the air.

They said that in about 100 million years so little carbon dioxide would be left that plants would starve. If the plants starve, all other forms of life on Earth would die. Finally, they said, Earth would become like Venus. On Venus, the air is hot enough to melt lead.

The new study by Mr. Caldeira and Mr. Kasting appeared in the British publication, Nature. They do not dispute that the sun is getting hotter. But they believe that the temperature od the Earth's atmosphere will not rise much for 900 million years.

Mr. Caldeira and Mr. Kastings say that newer forms of plants, including corn, need less carbon dioxide in the air to survive. They say plants and trees will survive 500 millions more years. Grasslands and cornfields will survive almost 1,000 million years before the planet becomes like Venus.


Are You Grown Up?

(By Judith Stone)

"Maturity includes openness to experience, trust in oneself, having an internal code to guide value judgements and developing the willingness to regard personality as an ever changing process."

If only there were a clear-cut test of maturity: "If U Cn Rd Ths, Yr An Adult." Or a public service announcement: "The American Grown-up Society urges you to learn the seven warning signs of maturity: Sneezy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Doc..."

But there are no such signposts, and many of us are confused, especially those who grew up with firm but misguided expectations about what the signs of maturity might be. At one point early in life, I was convinced that the issue was tissue: When you had a box of Kleenex in every single room in your house, it seemed to me, you were an adult. Bette Midler once said that she'd always thought you were grown-up when you had a rug in the bathroom. A college advisor informed a friend od mine that maturity meant being able to tolerate ambiguity, though my friend was fairly sure it had more to do with having book shelves that didn't involve cinder blocks.

Using the scientifically sound method of Asking Around, I learned that among the highly anticipated signs of adulthood were the first non-hand-me-down sofa, the first matching plates, the first BMW (the first BMW?) and earning your age.

Latter it turned out that the real markers, the ones that made the people I talked to feel like adults on the cellular level, were far different. My friend Dennis says he knew he was an adult when going to sleep early felt like a privilege, not a punishment. "I used to think adults handled everything calmly because they were mature," he says. "Now I know they're just too exhausted to get upset." For one women, the passage to maturity was making a career decision not based on how it would affect her life with a man. "I realized that no one was going to save me and I had to take care of things myself. And by the way, "she adds, "this isn't something that sticks once you feel it. You have to recapture this territory over and over." Other reported milestones: realizing that not everyone has to like you; no longer needing to bait your parents; abandoning the philosophy "If it feels good, do it."

"I actually stopped doing things I wanted to do but that I knew would be bad for me in the long run," one woman said. "I realized this the day I sat under a beach umbrella instead of frying in the noonday sun. But it didn't happen in that second; apparently I'd been doing adulthood for a while before I noticed."

Aha. A pattern. Though each of these markers is idiosyncratic - there's no one wasy to become an adult - all were ultimately about behaving as if you're a person who takes responsibility for herself and the consequences of her actions, acknowledges that she's part of something larger than herself, and knows how to deal with others' needs as well as her own.

In fact, several people, men and women, told me they didn't really feel like adults until they had children. Not just because of the satisfying comparisons - it's easy to feel superior to a small, incontinent person who chews on her feet - it's that suddenly you're the protector; another's needs and desires must take precedence over your own. Adulthood can also be forged in the fire of loss: The death or serious illness of a parent changes your perspective. But you don't have to have a child or lose a parent to experience the shock of mortality or the sweet surge of selflessness.

If you have trouble thinking of yourself as adult, maybe it's because deep down you don't want to be one. (And if your response to this statement is "I know what you are, but what am I?" some soul searching may be in order.) Perhaps you had lousy adult role models and you don't want to be like those people. Maybe you hear only the groan in grown-up. Maybe you equate maturity with giving in, selling out, the death of dreams.

The psychologist Carl Rogers offered a wonderful one-size-fits-all description of adulthood. Maturity, he said, includes openness to experience, trust in oneself, having an internal code to guide value judgements and developing the willingness to regard personality as an ever-changing process rather than a static product. He mentioned nothing about Kleenex.


19 April 2009

A Quick Kit for Smokers

More people than ever are kicking the smoking habit. The vast majority of ex-smokers - probably 95% - quit without using hypnosis, drugs, psychotheraphy or anything. They just quit. Just like my boo quit the habit. He had been smoking half of his life. He told me he will finally quit smoking. Just as simple as that. His first attempt was unsuccessful. Thank God the second try was good. He has never gone back to smoking for the last 7 months now.

As with most addictions, it turns out that people who cure themselves often do better than those who depend on therapy to change their habits.

There are many things you can do to make things easier. Donald M. Vickery and Judith Roman Eichner have this kit for smokers. The most widely accepted methods include four key steps: Setting a Quit Date, Preparing to Quit, The Actual Quitting and The Follow-Through. You don't have to use all the techniques given here, but the wary of picking only the easiest. You may be choosing failure.

Setting a quit date

Trying to ease our of the habit by smoking less and less over the months doesn't work well. The withdrawals from nicotine can be prolonged and painful. Switching to brands low in tar and nicotine doesn't help either. When they switch, many people compensate by smoking more cigarettes and inhaling more deeply.

A modified "cold turkey" approach seems best: Cut down for a few weeks, then stop. First, set a date for stopping completely - about 30 days off - and don't let anything change it. To motivate yourself, list all the reasons why you want to quit.
* People who smoke may develop more facial wrinkles, and sooner, than those who don't.
* Smoking cuts your ability to taste and smell.
* You're sick of smoker's cough.
* Smoking causes cancer, emphysema, and heart disease.

Preparing to quit

Learn about your habit and how to cope with it. Use a smoking diary, a tally sheet, or both. Then practice techniques to cope with the desire to smoke, and actually start smoking less.

Everyday for a week, tally the number of cigarettes you smoke in the morning, afternoon, and evening and the daily total. AS you cut down, you'll see the numbers drop.

Another technique is to keep a diary of every cigarette you smoke, and why you smoke it. On a sheet of lined paper, draw five columns: "Time", "Need", "Place or Activity", "With Whom", "Mood or Reason". Then every time you smoke, record the factors that made you light up a cigarette. In the column marked "Need", use numbers to rate the cigarettes you feel you had to have ("5"), those you could easily have done without ("1"), and those in between ("2" to "4").

At the end of the day, review the diary to see if any patterns emerge. Perhaps you tend to smoke only with certain people, for example, or after meals, or when you're anxious.

On the day you quit

The trick is to focus on what you are doing rather than what you are not, and to build pleasures into the day.
* Reward yourself for stopping. But a treat, do something special to celebrate. (Keep rewarding yourself with little things - a paperback, a trip to the museum - after you've quit.)
* Make sure all your cigarettes are gone. Hiding them is cheating.
* Keep busy. Go to the movies, exercise, take long walks, go biking.
* Spend as much free time as possible in NO SMOKING areas.
* Have your dentist clean your teeth.

After you've stopped

Being unprepared when the urge strikes can lead to "panic smoking" - you have to smoke because you don't know what else to do. Most important, keep rewarding yourself for succeeding. Each day of not smoking takes effort and you deserve a pat on the back.

What happens next?

Soon after you have your last cigarette, usually within 12 hours, your body will begin to heal itself. Your levels of carbon monoxide and nicotine will drop rapidly and your heart and lungs will start to repair the damage caused by tobacco smoke.

Still, you may feel worse at first. Right after quitting, many people temporarily experience irregular bowels and sore gums or tongue. You may feel edgy and short-tempered. But take heart. These "withdrawal symptoms" won't last.

In a few days you will begin to notice positive changes in your body. Your senses of smell and taste will sharpen, your smoker's cough will lessen, your digestive will start to work normally again. You will feel clear-headed and energetic and will breathe easier. You will be able to climb a flight of stairs or a hill without wheezing. You will be free from the mess, smell, inconvenience, expense and dependence of smoking. And you will feel the pleasure of being more in control of your life.


Weekend Escapade at the Beach

After a stressful week, I went to the beach to get some rest and rejuvenate. I love to unwind at the beach. My favorite spot is watching the sunset from the cottage we rented with my boo. It gives me peace of mind.

These are the foods I ate. It was a fattening session with my boo, LOL!


17 April 2009

Let's be nice with our PC... Or Else...

It is time computers got their own!


16 April 2009

Old Photo of the Day

I have nothing in mind to blog about today. So I just took a picture of my parents' wedding picture mounted on the wall for the last 48 years. I wonder how photos are made before. My parents faces looked very different from the way they really look like. It seems very odd because they look like chinese in the picture, LOL!


14 April 2009

Mom, There's Nothing To Do!

During summer, my nieces and nephews come to our house and spend time running, endless time of playing, and doing some other stuff. Sometimes I get so irritated because I don't have the peace of mind that I need for myself.

So I tried to look for some ideas to help me cool from now til June. For parents out there, these tips might help your kids find learning activities this summer.

Backyard Fun

Kid Olympics: organize an afternoon of events for kids in the neighborhood - fastest backward walking, relay races, watermelon-seed-spitting contests. Award paper medallions or prizes to the winners.

Acting up: kinds can create their own characters and scripts, or put their own twist on a classic play or story. Check the attic for old clothes to use as costumes.

Talent night: is a great way for kids to show off their talents - singing, dancing, twirling a baton - for the whole neighborhood. Suggest selling paper bags full of popcorn for extra pocket change.

Sidewalk picassos: with a box of giant colored chalk, kids can draw their own masterpieces on the sidewalk or driveway. (They'll wash away with soap and water.)

Water wars: supply kids with some buckets and a garden hose, then stand back.

Fun for One

What's a kid to do when there's no one around to play with? How about...

Hunting: for four-leaf clovers in the backyard or nearby park.

Planting: a garden. Designate a special area in your garden just for your child, and make it her responsibility to nurture it.

Joining: your library's summer reading program.

Day Trips

The beach isn't the only spot for fun in the sun. Some other great one day getaways:
- The local petting zoo.
- A park for a special picnic lunch. Let the kids plan the menu.
- An amusement park.
- The fishing pond (for lesson in patience).

Party Time

It doesn't have to be someone's birthday to spark a celebration. Invent a holiday of your own.

Sibling's day: mark one day on the calendar this summer for your kids to honor each other. Bake a cake and help them think of gifts they can make. At the party, have each child tell what he or she values most about his or her siblings.

Stay-at-home camp: hang posters announcing which weekend you're going to turn the house into a camp. Design colorful brochures announcing camp activities, arts and crafts sessions, nature walks and adventures. Kick off the weekend with a special camp dinner. In the evenings, tell ghost stories and roast marshmallows over the outdoor grill. Let the kids sleep in a backyard tent.

Kid's day: get the whole neighborhood in on this one. Have each family set up their yard for an event or a game (ring toss, fishing pond, etc.) and have a progressive carnival Plan this at least a week in advance so everyone who's participating has plenty or time to get organized. Use flea-market finds as prizes, or agree to have parents give special gifts to their own children.

Read more about Learning Activities for your kids at Teacher's and Student's Corner.


IT ain't So Funny

Other pleasant - if dangerous - ways to kill time are:

1. See how much you can disturb the passenger ahead when you hurl your overcoat into the rack above you. Knocking off his hat counts three points; his glasses, five.

2. Count how many times you can leave the door open on a very cold day.

3. Study what to do every time the railroad files a new "rate schedule." (Draw up a petition of protest, circulate it through the car, from a protective committee - then pay the higher fare.)


13 April 2009

How to Solve Low Memory Problems?

I always get a low memory warning message with my laptop lately. When it shows, my laptop gets so slow and I have to wait for few minutes to continue doing my task. I have to close other programs to speed it up. It's time to add a memory card. But for the meantime, here are some tips on how to solve this kind of problem.

Normally this warning message shows when you run many programs same time than the RAM installed on your computer is designed to support. Your can solve this problem by increasing the system paging file size also called as virtual memory. Using this virtual memory windows moving information to and from the paging file for fast processing. This will free up enough RAM for other programs to run properly.

To increase the system page file follow the give path:

Control Panel > System > Advanced > Click on Settings (Under Performance) > Advanced > Change

Here under Drive (Volume label), you have option to select any of your hard disk drive, but the best choice is, select any drive other than C drive for virtual memory.

Set the double Initial & Maximum Size of your Virtual Memory. Here set initial size 700 MB and maximum size up to 1000MB; you can change this size according to the free space available on your hard drive.


12 April 2009

Earth Day Extravaganza

Earth Day falls on Wednesday, April 22, 2009. The best Earth Day projects help children stretch their awareness of environmental issues while encouraging them to replace old habits with new, earth-sensitive practices. The ecology minded-project below is specifically designed to do just that. It's a great time to learn about our planet and how to take care of it!

Air Pollution and Pennies

Copper pennies can be used to demonstrate the presence and effects of air pollution on the environment. While copper would oxidize and tarnish in even a pollution-free environment, polluted air accelerates the process. Cleaning dirty pennies dramatically demonstrates how we are exposed to pollution in our air.

Equipment: pennies, salt, lemon jiuce, a glass of bowl, a tablespoon measure

Procedure: Place one tablespoon of salt in the glass bowl. Place one penny on the salt and cover it with another tablespoon of salt. Sprinkle with two or three tablespoons of lemon juice and let sit for five minutes. Remove penny and rub clean. Repeat if any dirt remains on penny.

Observations: Have kids describe how the penny looked before, during, and after the experiment. How did the salt and lemon juice help to clean the penny?

Discussion: How did air pollution affect the pennies? How does it affect plants? Animals? Humans? What creates air pollution? Do you contribute to air pollution? Follow up by having children brainstorm ways to reduce air pollution.

More ecology-minded projects at Teacher's and Student's Corner.


Not a Valid Win32 Application

A few weeks ago, I encountered this error message, not a valid Win32 application, when I installed skype in one of the computers in the office.

I found out that this issue can be caused by any of the below possibilities.
- File is corrupt, bad, or missing.
- File is not designed for your version of Windows.
- File is a virus, worm, or other malware file.
- Hardware incompatibility.

Read more about the issue and answers at ComputerHope.com


11 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the most important Christian festival, and the one celebrated with the greatest joy.

Filipinos go to church together as soon as sunrise hits on Easter Sunday, and celebrate the life, death and resurection of the savior... It's also a magical time for children to enjoy chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, and jellybean-filled Easter eggs.

Happy Easter to all!


10 April 2009

Holy Week

Holy Week is the last week of Lent, the week immediately preceding Easter or Resurrection Sunday. It is observed in many Christian churches as a time to commemorate and enact the suffering (Passion) and death of Jesus through various observances and services of worship. While some church traditions focus specifically on the events of the last week of Jesus’ life, many of the liturgies symbolize larger themes that marked Jesus’ entire ministry. Observances during this week range from daily liturgical services in churches to informal meetings in homes to participate in a Christian version of the Passover Seder.

In Catholic tradition, the conclusion to the week is called the Easter Triduum (a triduum is a space of three days usually accompanying a church festival or holy days that are devoted to special prayer and observance). Some liturgical traditions, such as Lutherans, simply refer to "The Three Days." The Easter Triduum begins Thursday evening of Holy Week with Eucharist and concludes with evening prayers Easter Sunday.

Increasingly, evangelical churches that have tended to look with suspicion on traditional "High-Church" observances of Holy Week are now realizing the value of Holy Week services, especially on Good Friday. This has a solid theological basis both in Scripture and in the traditions of the Faith. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German theologian who was executed by the Nazis, wrote of the Cost of Discipleship and warned of "cheap grace" that did not take seriously either the gravity of sin or the radical call to servanthood: "When Jesus bids a man come, he bids him come and die."

It is this dimension that is well served by Holy Week observances, as they call us to move behind the joyful celebrations of Palm Sunday and Easter, and focus on the suffering, humiliation, and death that is part of Holy Week. It is important to place the hope of the Resurrection, the promise of newness and life, against the background of death and endings. It is only in walking through the shadows and darkness of Holy Week and Good Friday, only in realizing the horror and magnitude of sin and its consequences in the world incarnated in the dying Jesus on the cross, only in contemplating the ending and despair that the disciples felt on Holy Saturday, that we can truly understand the light and hope of Sunday morning!

In observing this truth, that new beginnings come from endings, many people are able to draw a parable of their own lives and faith journey from the observances of Holy Week. In providing people with the opportunity to experience this truth in liturgy and symbol, the services become a powerful proclamation of the transformative power of the Gospel, and God at work in the lives of people.

The entire week between Palm Sunday and Holy Saturday is included in Holy Week, and some church traditions have daily services during the week. However, usually only Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday are times of special observance in most churches.
(by Dennis Bratcher)


06 April 2009

Page Rank

The other day, I was happy that my other blog got a PR 1. I thought it is something I should be happy about. I only have a little understanding about page ranking and I never bothered to read more information about it. What I know is that PageRank is a link analysis algorithm used by the Google Internet search engine that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance within the set. That's it! So when my page rank increased to 1, I thought it is the highest rank. I thought page ranking is the same as ranking our students in school, LOL. I was wrong then. Coolbuster helped me understand how Alexa page rank works. So now I know what PR1 means. Check it out at Coolbuster >> The Power of Information.


04 April 2009

Summer in the Philippines

Summer in the Philippines is a lie, so said an American professor. Like many other things we have imitated from the west, a real summer doesn't exist in our native land. What we have in reality are only wet and dry seasons. The word has been commonly used that it is associated with after-school vacation by most, so much so that even Christmas vacation is sometimes referred as "summer".

But no matter, the fact remains that the season which we were born to call summer is here. And it's here for good. Make your summer worthwhile by doing a project.

Be the first family on the block to own a Sundial. Even if your child's not the crafty type, he'll love this project. Best of all, it actually tells time. As the sun moves across the sky during the day, the shadow cast by the pointer circles the dial.

All you need to make one are a few basic materials, a sunny spot to put it in and, of course, sunshine. Adult supervision is recommended.

Read more of the project kit on sundial at Teacher's and Student's Corner.


My TSC Blog Page Rank is No. 1

Teacher's and Student's Corner used to be rank no. 2 when it was still with blogspot. It was changed into .info a couple of months ago courtesy of my friend Shirley of Aloha Gems. I was surprised checking it today. It is now rank no. 1. It means it is already listed in Google, lol!



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