17 July 2012

Pilar Pilapil opens up on past relationship with Dolphy

Pilar Pilapil has revealed that her ex-boyfriend, the late Comedy King Dolphy, would have married her – if not for the opposition of her family.
“Actually we were supposed to get married but my father stopped the relationship. And I was very much in fear of my father. So I had no other choice, I was being guarded by my half-brother and you know we couldn't see each other anymore,” Pilapil said in an interview for “Dolphy: Hari Ng Komedya” which aired on July 15, as quoted in a report on ABS-CBNNews.com
Apparently, her family’s main concern was the huge age gap between the two. Pilar was reportedly only 17 years old when she met Dolphy in 1967.

“Especially my father, he's very much against it. So every taping or where I would go, every place I go my mother would be there, my brother would be there. We didn't have a chance really,” said she.
In another part of the interview, the veteran actress intimated, “He wanted to get married. We were together for one year… he wanted to elope with me actually, it was very serious.”
According to the ABS-CBNNews.com report, Pilar and Dolphy worked together on the films “El Pinoy Matador,” “Cyrano at Roxanne de Bergarac,” “Boyoy,” “Dolpe de Gulat,” “Tayo Mag-Up, Up and Away” and “Mga Anak Ni Facifica Falayfay.”
On how their love affair began, Pilar said it was more of a “mutual understanding” than the “old style of courtship.”
“Pinapaalam niya sa akin na gusto niya ako and that mahal niya ako. I don't remember exactly because that was many, many years ago. I don't remember the exact words he told me pero all his actions it showed,” she said.
Pilar will never forget Dolphy’s love for her.
“I think, the most important part of Dolphy that I cannot forget was his -- frankly -- it was his true love for me. I felt that he really loved me, that I cannot forget,” she intimated.




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