04 April 2009

Summer in the Philippines

Summer in the Philippines is a lie, so said an American professor. Like many other things we have imitated from the west, a real summer doesn't exist in our native land. What we have in reality are only wet and dry seasons. The word has been commonly used that it is associated with after-school vacation by most, so much so that even Christmas vacation is sometimes referred as "summer".

But no matter, the fact remains that the season which we were born to call summer is here. And it's here for good. Make your summer worthwhile by doing a project.

Be the first family on the block to own a Sundial. Even if your child's not the crafty type, he'll love this project. Best of all, it actually tells time. As the sun moves across the sky during the day, the shadow cast by the pointer circles the dial.

All you need to make one are a few basic materials, a sunny spot to put it in and, of course, sunshine. Adult supervision is recommended.

Read more of the project kit on sundial at Teacher's and Student's Corner.




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