03 March 2011

How to Remove Spyware without Any Cost

One very irritating characteristic of spyware is its ability to remain or come back in spite of your efforts to eradicate or remove it. Those pop-ups, viruses, and ads can really make or break a user’s day. Mark Neal, a computer expert, has these helpful points and insights to vanish spyware and viruses in our PCs. How do you do it?

With the numerous kinds of software present now that promise to eradicate spyware from your PCs, it is very confusing to tell which really is the best for the task. You need a program that will not only remove spyware or any malicious software but will absolutely remove it forever and for good. Neal recommends the best of the best, and what is this best? Panda Online Scan. This software is different from the rest of the leading spyware removal programs because it does not continually run on your system, which slows down and utilizes a lot of your PC’s memory. Panda not only runs on the Web. It explores your entire system, deletes spyware, and other malicious software, gives you detailed description of the virus, and instructs you how to discard it from your system. To top it all, this only install very few plug-ins for your system and no full installation is involved. Keep in mind the address to give it a try.
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Mark Neal also recommends checking your system services and stray entries. Knowing this is necessary in your efforts to remove spyware while failure to be aware of this fact is having viruses running in your system and never knowing it. You can download and install the HIJACK THIS program. By doing this, you will be informed what programs are running and which are not; hence, you will be able to know what are those lurking behind your system. Visit http:/www.stopspywareforfree.com/hijackthis.html.

Another way to remove spyware is to shut off your SYSTEM RESTORE (Windows XP).

Generally, viruses and spyware cling to your SYSTEMS RESTORE files because they are easy hideouts for them even after reinstalling your Windows. Mark Neal now tells us to right click on My Computer, going to Properties, then search for the System Restore, and click there. You tick the box with “Turn off system restore on all drives” and click Apply and OK. That’s how easy to remove spyware for free.

When surfing the Web, use an unknown Internet protocol address as this has been proven to be very helpful in shielding your PC from bugs. These bugs enter into your system and recover information about the user by keeping track of your IP address. If you use a known IP address, not only will your identity be known but also your location, system information, and the kind of Windows you are using, etc. Hence, an anonymous IP hides you and make you unknown to anyone including spyware and adware. To apply this, here’s the website: http://www.stopspywareforfree.com/proxylist.hmtl.

Source: http://www.systemdisc.com/




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