23 December 2011

DJ Mo reacts on latest video scandal

Controversial DJ-host Mo Twister denies he had a hand in uploading the video that shows him and ex-girlfriend Rhian Ramos in one of their “more private and intimate moments.”
Note that this has been the second video of the couple to have leaked online within three weeks. The first was Mo’s infamous video diary, where he asserted that Rhian "got rid of our baby" late July last year in Singapore. Mo claimed more than once that he did not upload that video.
In an entry posted on his Tumblr account on Dec. 21, Mo stated, “I hope I can be as clear as possible that this is not my doing. This latest video was not one in my possession. It was not recorded on my laptop.”
The laptop in question, as mentioned by Mo in the second video, belonged to Rhian.
Mo continued, “I don’t even know how we are getting to this point. I know so many theories are out there on how these videos are being uploaded online.”
In the latter part of his post, Mo said that “at this point, it doesn’t even matter what your opinions are or who you put to blame for this.
“These files are amongst some of our more private and intimate moments and right now, it looks like even though I ask/beg the person to stop uploading these videos, it will not make a difference. I hope this will all end soon,” said he.
While Rhian has yet to comment on this development, her lawyer Lorna Kapunan challenged Mo to “come to court” as reported by PEP on Wednesday.
“Hinihintay na lang si Mo. The case is in the court already,” she added, without giving details pertaining to her client’s lawsuit.




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