24 April 2009

Lupon Celebrates its 56th Town Fiesta

The curtain rises in Lupon's 6 day celebration with the series of shows. The celebration will start on the 23rd with a boxing match undertaken by the Sports Development, on the 24th a magic show will be shown sponsored by the MRIC or Municipal Rural Improvement Club of Lupon, on the 25th a concert with the Tagum City Band will be held at the same venue, while on the 25th a dance and fashion concert will be held in Lupon gymnasium, on the 27th a Disco and on the 28th an LGU sponsored Pabibo sa Summer 09.

The LGU has also treat the people of this municipality,they have organized an Amateur Singing Contest on the 26th and a series of hilarious and enjoyable parlor games, nevertheless will be held on the day of 25th, its one way of saying VIVA SAN VICENTE FERRER and thinking the Lord above for the wonderful gifts and hers bestowed upon the people and the whole community of Lupon.

(image courtesy of www.lupon.gov.ph)



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