28 September 2011

MMDA urinal joins world's weirdest

 Many men, particularly motorists, appreciate them. More women find them outrageous, even scandalous.
They have spawned controversy in Metro Manila, pitting some mayors against the head of a government agency who came up with the idea.
And today, long after the man who spawned them has been out of office, and they have turned from pink to green, the MMDA outdoor urinal has achieved worldwide fame or notoriety.
Life Magazine has listed the ubiquitous urinals in main thoroughfares in Metro Manila as among the world’s 23 weirdest toilets;
The world renowned magazine has posted a photo of the MMDA urinal, an overhead shot taken by Ted Aljibe of Getty Images, with the accompanying title: “A very public restroom.”
The caption that came with the photo read: “Some 500 like this one in Manila have been constructed in the Philippine capital since 2003.”
The MMDA urinal joins other weird toilets in the Life Magazine list, including two from Japan – a hi-tech toilet seat with a body fat analyzer and a so-called space toilet.
In Hong Kong, Life Magazine photographed a gold and gem encrusted comfort room built at an astounding price of $4.8 million. Another expensive one was a gold glazed seat displayed during the Shanghai Expo in Tokyo.
“Weird” improvised war toilets were also built in Belgium and by American soldiers stationed in Afghanistan which consists of a metal seat with a hole on the center. 
(Ben R. Rosario)
Manila Bulletin




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