11 February 2009

Personal Appearance on a Date

The way you look on a date is important. In a nationwide poll of thousands of teenagers, Dr. Christensen found that when both boys and girls listed what they considered important in m aking or accepting dates, "pride in personal appearance and manners" ranked third. This doesn't mean that a girl has to be a beauty queen or that a boy must be handsome. It does mean that both sexes expect a date to make an acceptable appearance and behave in a socially acceptable manner.

Dress Appropriately

There is a fashion etiquette as well as a movie or eating eating etiquette. Dressing to suit the occassion is part of fashion know how. You will feel silly in high heels at the basketball game if the other girls are wearing saddle shoes. Your date may resent having to help you up and down the stands continually so that you don't fall. To a sports event you should wear casual clothes, just as to most parties you should wear dressy clothes.

When your date invites you out, he may give you some indication of the type of dress which would be appropriate. If he doesn't, it's perfectly acceptable to ask a boy if this is to be a casual sweater-and-skirt affair, a dress-up or a really gala formal affair. If he tell you what he's wearing it may give you some indication of what outfit you should choose. Girls going to the same event frequently clear with each other on what they will wear.

Boys, too, need to dress appropriately. You will look and feel out of place if the other boys are in sport shirts and you are wearing your best suit. You might be embarrassed. If you show up for a party in Levi's and find your date wearing fancy dress. The best thing is to check with your date ahead of time about clothes. Find out what is expected of you and let her know what is expected of her.

Neatness Does it

Regardless of what you wear, you want to be well groomed. A handsome suit will be wasted if your nails are dirty and you hair uncombed. A girl may manage to look attractive in an old skirt and blouse because she's neat and well groomed. But the most attractive girl, or handsome boy, it snot appealing if grimy. When young people throughout the country talk, about what they consider important in a date, cleanliness and neatness rank high.

Currently some segments of the young adult population try to express their individuality by extremes in hair styles and dress. However young people respond to this, most want an attractive date. On one college campus, the men revolted against that they wanted girls to look feminine. Most fellow would agree.

Happy Valentine's Day!




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