13 February 2009

Stream Lights Shine

Mt. Apo in the Philippines attracts many climbing enthusiasts during summer season or during the Holy Week. Summer climb is becoming a popular event and many climbers from the different regions of the country flock to the area, out to prove their mountain climbing prowess. Many climbers are composed of the professional sports climbers and amateur category bringing with them the lightest and durable flashlights like Streamlight Flashlight for their lighting needs at night.

Streamlight provides all kinds of lighting needs not only for professionals but also for personal needs. Cilmbers like me should be equipped for cold temperatures and should be bringing streamlight flashlights for our needs at night. Streamlight has pioneered in making rechargeable flashlights and is known to be the trusted source of light. They have made the lastest advancement in technology in terms of lighting needs to every law enforcement and fire department in the US.

The first time I climbed Mt. Apo, I just wanted to feel the actual hard climbing challenge. At night, we really don't have nothing to do but spend time exchanging views with other climbers in the fireside chats. Sometimes we just stay inside the tent playing cards under the light of our streamlight flashlight hanging in our tent. We exchange notes and get tips from experienced climbers with just under our flashlight.

Many climbers develop some kind of addiction to the Mt. Apo Experience. Sometimes it is best to experience the night trek. In times like this, Streamlight answers our needs in terms of power, strength, reliability, and lightweight lights.




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