13 February 2009

"A Woman: Before Love and After Love"

...The day when a woman enjoys her first love cuts her in two... The man is the same after his first love as he was before. The woman is from the day of her first love another. That continues so all through life. The man spends a night by a woman and goes away. His life and body are always the same. The woman conceives. As a mother she is another person than the woman without child. She carries the fruit of the night nine months long in her body. Something grows. Something grows into her life that never again departs from it. She is a mother. She is and remains a mother even though her child die, though all her children die. For at one time she carried the child under her heart. And it does not go out of her heart ever again. Not even when it is dead. All this a man does not know.

... He does not know the difference before love and after love, before motherhood and after motherhood. Only a woman can know that and speak of that... She must always be maiden and always be mother. Before every love she is maiden, after every love she is mother...




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