03 February 2009

Sun In Your Eyes

I always get an eye irritation since I was young. If I get too much exposure to the sun, my eyes would turn red and teary. The sun is among the worst culprits in eye irritations, says Dr. Norman O. Stahl, a New York ophthalmologist, and "it can cause premature aging of the skin around the eyes."

Visors and wide-brimmed hats block out overhead sun and are fine for reading outdoors on a sunny day - but they don't provide protection against sunlight reflected from sand or concrete patio. The most complete protection for both the eyes and the delicate surrounding skin: a good pair of sunglasses. Any type of lens will protect you against wind and dust and screen out most of the burning ultraviolet rays of the sun. Only dark-colored lenses, however, will shield you from infrared rays as well; although these won't burn you, they can make your eyes red and teary. People with lighter eyes are usually more sensitive to the sun than those with darker eyes and should choose their glasses accordingly. Gray and green lenses are recommended, since they cause only minimal color distortion. When shopping for sunglasses, try them on and look into a mirror. If you can easily see your eyes through the lenses, they are probably too pale to shade for sufficient glare protection.




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