29 April 2011

William and Kate's Royal Wedding Will Require 800,000,000Mbps of Bandwidth and Break the Internet

Today, April 29, as the royal wedding draws to an end and Prince William kisses Her Royal Highness Kate Middleton on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, 2.5 billion people -- a third of the world's population -- will be watching. It will be the largest royal wedding in history, beating out the 750 million who watched Prince Charles and Princess Diana marry in 1981, and possibly making it the largest televised event of all time.


YouTube: Streaming The Royal Wedding Live

The last time Britain had a big Royal Wedding, one didn’t tweet about it, Facebook about it, Flickr about it and certainly didn’t air it on YouTube. One couldn’t. These things didn’t exist. But the 21st century British Monarchy is hip to the social media channels of today. Here’s how to tune in to the Royal Wedding, via Youtube.


Royal Wedding Dresses, and What They Meant

Probably the biggest mystery surrounding Friday's British royal wedding is who's designing Kate Middleton's wedding dress.

But when the future Queen Elizabeth II (pictured) walked down the aisle in London's Westminster Abbey in 1947, her wedding dress was more than a fashion statement: It represented the hopes of a nation, according to royal wedding gown curator Joanna Marschner.


Microsoft falls behind Apple for first time in 20 years

Company's revenues and profits rise but are eclipsed by those of main rival as PC market shows signs of decline Microsoft's quarterly profits and revenues were eclipsed for the first time in 20 years by Apple as a slowdown in the PC business and continuing huge losses in its search division held it back.


28 April 2011

UST Marks 400th Milestone with John Paul II Beatification

The University of Santo Tomas will have a twin celebration today, April 28. as it celebrates its actual 400th foundation anniversary and the beatification of the late John Paul II on May 1.

In January 1995, during the World Youth Day ’95 celebrations, UST made history when Pope John Paul II came and delivered his gracious message to the Filipino youth from its parade grounds. UST then played host to the International Youth Forum — participated in by a select group of more than 300 young people from all over the world. This group prepared the message of the youth delivered during the World Youth Day ‘95 closing mass held in Luneta.


Women’s group fires at Cristy Fermin for alleged ‘sexist remarks’

Women's group Coalition Against Trafficking in Women – Asia Pacific (CATW-AP) has denounced entertainment columnist and TV host Cristy Fermin for purportedly issuing “sexist statements which condone abuse of women.”

To substantiate their claim, Jean Enriquez, executive director of the group, quoted a remark that Fermin reportedly uttered in one of her shows: "’...dalawang lalaking personalidad lang ang parang pinapayagan ng publiko na maging ‘matulis.’ Si Rico J. Puno lang at saka si Willie [Revillame]. Pag sila ang nag-deliver para bang malaking karangalan mo pag mabastos ka.”


Do some women really have a third nipple?

Are you sitting down? Good. Here's the truth: Some women (and men) have up to six nipples. "When a fetus is forming, it develops something called a milk line that's studded with nipples and runs from the armpits to the groin," says Michael Yang, M.D., an ob-gyn in Sunnyvale, Texas. "It looks like what dogs and cats have, but in humans it usually disappears before birth." Except when it doesn't. Sometimes supernumerary nipples come with extra tissue and develop like regular breasts; typically, though, they just sit on your skin—sans areolae—and look more like moles or skin tags than budding boobs. Not loving your extra teats? They can easily be removed with minor surgery.


Chocolate milk improves exercise recovery and athletic performance?

Competitive athletes need to recover quickly from bouts of training as well as competition to prepare for subsequent events.  Studies have shown that postexercise consumption of carbohydrates and protein results in better recovery than consumption of carbohydrates alone.  Postexercise supplementation is important both for restoring muscle glycogen levels and also for attenuating muscle damage for better recovery.


27 April 2011

Britain Prepares for Biggest Royal Wedding since Diana

Britain is putting the crowning touches to the preparations for Friday's wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton as the world gets set to tune in for the biggest royal occasion for 30 years.

Two billion people are expected to watch live on television and the Internet to see the eldest son of Princess Diana and his commoner bride tie the knot after a romance that began at university in Scotland eight years ago.


Pinoy designer tapped to make costumes for US singer's video

Filipino designer Oliver Tolentino has been tapped by “Forget You” singer Cee Lo Green to design the costumes for the latter’s upcoming music video, “I Want You.”

In an interview published on abs-cbnnews.com on April 26, Tolentino said that Green’s stylist approached him for the project as “there are only a few people who can do these outrageous costumes.”


26 April 2011

50 pairs of Pacquiao shoes to be released in Manila

Fifty pairs of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao's running shoes will be sold in Manila on Wednesday as a lead up to the boxing champ's next fight against Shane Mosley on May 7.

A lottery will be held for 50 pairs of Nike Trainer 1.3 Max at Nike Park The Fort on April 27, the sports apparel brand said in a statement released on Tuesday.


Pia Guanio at ‘peace’ despite ‘kissing scandal’

TV host Pia Guanio is nonchalant over the “kissing scandal” on the net that allegedly involves her and an unidentified man.

"I don't really care,” said she in an interview with PEP.

Guanio hasn’t seen the pictures yet. She stressed that she doesn’t bother checking out sites that deal with such, anyway.


AJ Perez Laid to Rest Tuesday

Young actor AJ Perez will be taken to his final resting place today, April 26, at the Manila Memorial Park in Paranaque City.

A funeral mass officiated by Fr. Tito Caluag, S.J. was held at the main chapel of Christ the King Parish in Greenmeadows, Quezon City at around 9 a.m. Tuesday. Present in the mass were AJ’s family, friends in and out of showbiz, as well as his classmates from the La Salle Greenhills where he graduated from high school recently.


How can you print without ink?

In an increasingly paperless world, you'd guess printing would become obsolete. But that's not the case. Because reading computer screens strains people's eyes and they'd prefer to hold a book or newspaper in their hands, printing technology remains indispensible. Ink on the other hand, we could do without.

Let's face it -- ink is messy, expensive and high-maintenance. Wouldn't it be nice to eliminate it? Some old and new technologies provide the opportunity to do just that. Of course, whether a process is truly "inkless" depends on what your definition of "ink" is.


Ice Hotels

These hotels are literally just gigantic igloos. While they are growing in popularity, for logistical purposes there are only so many parts of the world that can have ice hotels. The hotels are made out of real ice, so they can only be located in parts of the world with consistent freezing temperatures in the winter with close proximity to bodies of water (so they have a supply of ice). There are ice hotels in Canada, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Romania. Don’t plan on having a comfortable stay, though. Expect your room to be between 17 and 23 degrees Fahrenheit. The really crazy part is, every spring the hotels melt, and they have to rebuild them all over again for the next winter!


An Olympic gold medal is almost 99% silver

The first-place medal is actually 550 grams of silver covered with a thin layer of gold (6 grams)! A silver medal is far more authentic - 509 grams of silver and 41 grams of copper. The bronze medal is composed of mostly copper, with some zinc and tin mixed in. And approximately how much are all these precious medals worth, you ask? The gold - $494, the silver - $260, and the bronze...$3!


µTorrent 3.0 has officially gone beta!

It’s packed with new features and updates with a focus on convenience and a better, more streamlined user experience. Highlights include: 


Now watch videos much sooner with our new streaming feature. By using progressive/sequential download techniques, start watching before your download completes, or simply preview content before committing to a full download.


Top 3 Most Beautiful Women

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is one of the most famous sayings in English. And the beauty of famous women is a much discussed about topic in the modern era, with countless surveys going on at any given time. As with the saying, the list of beautiful women varies from time to time, but there are few names that have managed to stay on the list over the past few years. The top three names that stand out, in the order third to first are,

3. Halle Berry


Roswell UFO and Alien Secret Document Revealed by FBI Vault!

Roswell UFO is real, crashed on earth! Alien bodies found! FBI Vault has reveled the secret document kept for years since 1950.


Google Introduces Background Send to Gmail

Google today introduced a new feature to Gmail that allows emails to be sent in the background while you use other parts of the app.

As Google points out in their announcement, waiting for an email to send can take a few seconds, and if you’re a heavy Gmail user, that’s a fair bit of time each day. Background Send dumps you back into your inbox while the process is completed out of sight.


07 April 2011

Filipino teachers to receive US$5.9M in back wages

United States Federal officials have labeled the Prince George’s County Public School System a “willful violator’’ of labor laws as they ordered the district to pay $5.9 million in back wages and penalties to more than 1,000 teachers, most of whom are educators from the Philippines.


Why does an Oscar Cost Several Hundred Dollars to Produce?

The reason the award is so expensive is because of the gold plating on the outside of each statuette. If it did not contain any gold, an Oscar would be worth less than $100!


Australia Unveils Logo-less Cigarette Packs

Australia today unveiled logo- and brand-less cigarette packs that the government is hoping tobacco companies will use, if a legislation aimed at curbing smoking among young people is passed, reports News.com.au.

Under the proposed legislation, tobacco companies will be required to follow strict rules on cigarette packaging, including the removal of all logos and setting type in a specific font. The new packs are all olive green, which research found to be the “least attractive color for smokers”, the Australian news website said.


Philippine Army Has First Female General

The Philippine Army now has its first female general in its 114-year history.
Army spokesman Col. Antonio Parlade said they are proud of the recent promotion of Brig. Gen. Ramona Go, the current assistant Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) deputy chief of staff for personnel based in Camp Aguinaldo.


Shocking Religious Scandals

The Rise and Fall of Jim Bakker
On March 19, 1987, the Reverend Jim Bakker resigned as chairman of his PTL ("Praise the Lord") organization in the midst of a sex scandal and behind some daunting tax problems. Getting his start with Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network and The 700 Club, Bakker and his wife Tammy Faye were cozy at the forefront of the televangelist boom, promoting a new sort of church personality grounded, it seemed, in equal parts faith and celebrity. But the Bakker's time at the top wouldn't last. Pictured: Bakker embraces a supporter in the wake of his decline, 1988. 


Lebron James Reaches 2K in Seven Straight Seasons

Miami Heat forward LeBron James has now scored 2,000 points in seven straight seasons.

James entered Wednesday night's game against the Milwaukee Bucks with 1,998 points this season. He made a pair of free throws with 2:12 remaining in the first quarter to reach the 2,000 milestone.


Water Boiled in a Microwave Can 'Explode.'

Do not try this at home! In order for this to occur, the water must be heated in a cup and cannot contain any impurities or additives. What happens is that the water becomes superheated - it reaches a temperature beyond its normal boiling pot (212�F). However, its container does not get very hot, so no bubbles are formed! If the water remains undisturbed and microwaves for long enough, the entire cupful could become superheated! Once it is removed from the microwave, all it needs is some sort of 'trigger' to let bubbles form and allow boiling to begin. Oftentimes, this trigger can be the addition of sugar, coffee, or a teabag.


Timbuktu: First iPad Magazine for Kids

An Italian publisher has introduced what it’s calling the first iPad magazine for kids: Timbuktu.

The publisher believes that kids want to read the news, especially when it’s presented as entertainment. A glance at the first issue, available now free via iTunes [iTunes link], shows that the magazine combines bold, colorful graphics (see gallery below) with simple language. For instance, a piece on India’s Census notes that “some people live in big beautiful palaces. Once upon a time, the grandmas and grandpas of the people who live there now were kings and queens.” Another article, “Into the Wild: Conversations with Odd Animals Living in Extremely Cold Environments,” also exploits the iPad’s ability to play sound.


Microsoft And Toyota Team Up To Create Next-Gen Telematics Platform

The battle for the in-dash system is just starting to heat up, as we leave the era of half-hearted in-house interfaces and enter a period where your car will be as powerful and accessible as your smartphone. Ford’s been leading this charge with Sync, and Tesla has a new approach as well, and now Microsoft and Toyota are putting their heads together to make a new platform, and like everything else these days, it’s in the cloud.


Man Finds Kidney Donor on Facebook

When Jeff Kurze found out his kidneys were failing, he and his wife Roxy put their lives on hold. The young couple from Warren, Michigan, hoped to start a family, but dialysis left Jeff, 35, too frail. He needed a new kidney. 


06 April 2011

The Typescreen

For those of you who can't seem to embrace new technology but don't want to be left behind.

Tablet computing is the way of the future.  But unfortunately for those cursed with normal sized fingers, these technological advancements can become burdensome lifestyle obstacles and usability nightmares. Like many, we have often wished for the convenience of a touch screen interface with the ease of a traditional typewriting keyboard. 


China Goes Wild for 3D Porn Film

Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy is a world first, with technology that hopes to revive an ailing industry. But it is unlikely to be seen in full in the mainland.

It is being billed as the world's first 3D porn film, a movie so salacious that Chinese audiences are reportedly flocking from the mainland to more permissive Hong Kong for the chance to see an uncut version.


Pinoy Short Film Tops US Film Contest

Filipino short film “Creative License” bested competitors from North America by bagging Best Film at the recent US National 24 Hour Film Racing Tour 2010.

The 2:30 minute-long Tagalog film, directed by Manila-based freelance film and TV commercial director/cinematographer Paolo Dy, showcased one Pinoy expat’s daily struggles in New York City. Representing the New York borough Brooklyn, “Creative License” bested entries from cities across the United States and Canada including Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Miami, Vancouver and Montreal.


05 April 2011

Charice Rumored to Star in a Hollywood Film

If the rumors are true, international Pinay pop star Charice will be starring in her second Hollywood film, with no less than award-winning actress Salma Hayek as one of her co-stars.

Though no official word has been released yet, various US entertainment websites reported on April 4 that Charice was cast in an upcoming Frank Coraci movie, “Here Comes the Boom.”  Coraci is the same director behind “Click,” “Around the World in 80 Days” and “The Wedding Singer.”


To Promote New Vodka Flavors, Smirnoff Creates ‘Peelable’ Bottles

Vodka brand Smirnoff has, with the help of ad agency JWT Brasil, created a series of bottles with wrappers designed to mimic the skin of fruit. The new packaging is aimed at promoting Smirnoff’s new flavor formula, Caipiroska.


Underwater Photos of Airfrance 447 Found

Air France Flight 447 was a scheduled commercial flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on 1 June 2009, killing all 216 passengers and 12 crew members

The aircraft, an Air France Airbus A330-200 registered as F-GZCP, took off on 31 May 2009 at 19:03 local time (22:03 UTC). The last contact from the crew was a routine message to Brazilian air traffic controllers at 01:33 UTC, as the aircraft approached the edge of Brazilian radar surveillance over the Atlantic Ocean, en route to Senegalese-controlled airspace off the coast of West Africa. Forty minutes


04 April 2011

10 Small Diet and Exercise Tricks That Get Big Results

For people who are health conscious and on a diet like me, Eric Metcalf shares about small goals that would make a big difference.

When it comes to type 2 diabetes, you need diet and exercise goals that encourage you to succeed—not ones that set you up to fail, says Ann Goebel-Fabbri, PhD, a psychologist and investigator at the Joslin Diabetes Center, in Boston.


The Governator: New Animated Series of Arnold Schwarzeneger

Arnold Schwarzeneger on cinema screens? Inevitably, he'll be back. While his first post-politics project is a TV cartoon series for kids called The Governator, Schwarzenegger told a press conference at the MipTV conference in Cannes today that the show will spawn comic books, digital content and ultimately a 3D movie.


Quake Moves Japan Closer to U.S.

Geophysicists found that global positioning stations near the quake's epicenter moved as far as 13 feet eastward! This does not mean that the entire country shifted, but that the nation has actually grown wider. NASA scientists have also found that the earthquake may have shorted the length of the day by a couple of milliseconds and shifted the Earth's axis!


Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 Mini Review

Sony Ericson has recently updated its X-range of Android phones to Android 2.1. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini should be nothing more than a shrunken version of the Xperia X10 – but in reality it's a whole new phone that gives Android a complete makeover.


Video Games Embrace Gay Characters

From Kurt in Glee to Captain Jack in Torchwood, from Thirteen in House to Naomi in Skins, recent years have given us a glut of gay and bisexual characters on TV.

Surprisingly, given its macho image, the same has also been true in videogaming. The 2010 game Mass Effect 2 gave the option of a lesbian relationship for those who played the main character as a woman (though not a gay relationship if they played the character as a man). Grand Theft Auto IV produced the downloadable content The Ballad of Gay Tony.


03 April 2011

DepEd to Implement Kindergarten Summer Program

To universalize quality assured kindergarten education and to ensure that all Grade 1 entrants have developed the necessary learning experiences to prepare them for academic work, the Department of Education (DepEd) will implement an eight-week Kindergarten Summer Program (KSP) in all schools
nationwide from April 11 to June 3, 2011. 


Adrian Lima Models $2 Million Dollar Bra

A brassiere is an undergarment that covers, supports, and elevates the breasts. Since the late 19th century, it has replaced the corset as the most widely accepted method for supporting breasts. A wide variety of bras are manufactured today.

Ariana Lima, the genetically-perfect Victoria Secret Angel, is seen interviewed on tv while sporting a $2 million bra.


Double Meaning Photos

A double entendre is a figure of speech in which a spoken phrase is devised to be understood in either of two ways. Often the first meaning is straightforward, while the second meaning is less so: often risqué, inappropriate, or ironic. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a double entendre as especially being used to “convey an indelicate meaning”. It is often used to express potentially offensive opinions without the risks of explicitly doing so. A double entendre may exploit puns to convey the second meaning. Double entendres tend to rely more on multiple meanings of words, or different interpretations of the same primary meaning; they often exploit ambiguity and may be used to introduce it deliberately in a text.”


Photoshop Maniacs: You're Next!

Photoshop is a powerful tool, but sometimes, perhaps too powerful… See what is done to people on these photos! Well, maybe these pictures give you an idea how to make a joke with someone… And how it looks like when someone uses liquify tool.

Pamela Anderson


Windows 7 Wallpapers 2011 and Themes 2011

The 2011 theme for Windows 7 is created by Tim Heuer, and was created using 2011 desktop wallpapers released by Smashing Magazine. The theme consists of 35 “2010″ desktop wallpapers which are of really high quality.


There is one language that only one person speaks.

The Yaghan people of Chile are the world's southernmost indigenous culture, but they are slowly dying. A town on the southernmost tip of South America, Puerto Williams, is home to the last 70 Yaghan descendants - a tribe that has existed for at least 6,000 years! 

Today 78-year-old Cristina Calderón is both the only pureblooded descendant of the Yaghan people and the last remaining speaker of the Yaghan language! Chile's National Council for Culture and the Arts is attempting to preserve this language and way of life by beginning new initiatives to promote Yaghan culture within the community. 


Dimples are Caused By an Abnormally Short Facial Muscle

The zygomaticus major, a facial muscle, is attached to the skin of your cheeks. Dimples appear when the muscle pulls hard enough on your cheeks to cause visible indentations on your face.

This usually occurs when we speak or smile, when the muscle is contracting. For some people, the dimples are always there. This occurs when the muscle is too short.


02 April 2011

A 92 year-old Woman was Pregnant for Sixty Years

In 2009, a 92-year-old Chinese woman named Huang Yijun delivered a child that she had been carrying for over half a century! The woman went to the hospital complaining of a stomachache, but doctors soon realized that she was carrying what is called a lithopedion, or stone pregnancy


The World's Largest Swimming Pool

This enormous pool can be found at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile. It holds 66 million gallons of water and is 20 times longer than an Olympic-sized swimming pool! Completed in December of 2006, this saltwater lagoon took 5 years and over $1.6 billion to be built! It has been officially recognized by the Guinness World Records as the World's Largest Pool which measures 3,324 ft. long.


McDonald's Ketchup or Taco Bell Hot Sauce can be Used to Clean Dirty Coins

Both ketchup and hot sauce can be used to polish up your copper cents! These condiments do not necessarily need to be from McDonald's or Taco Bell, however. In fact, they don't even need to contain tomatoes or spices! 


Asian Star Jackie Chan Raises Funds for Japan

Action hero Jackie Chan and other Asian stars raised more than HK$25 million ($3.2 million) at a charity concert Friday in Hong Kong for disaster-hit Japan, where over 28,000 are dead or missing.
"We're here to tell the people of Japan — you're not alone," said Chan, one of the initiators of the celebrity concert.


5 Foods that Help You Sleep

Should you let yourself have that midnight snack if you’re having trouble sleeping and you think hunger might be part of the problem? Here are five foods that can actually help you drift off:

1. Cherries. Fresh and dried cherries are one of the only natural food sources of melatonin, the chemical that controls the body’s internal clock to regulate sleep. Researchers who tested tart cherries and found high levels of melatonin recommend eating them an hour before bedtime or before a trip when you want to sleep on the plane.


Fast Food Chain Suspends Ads on "Willing WIllie"

Jollibee Foods Corporation is suspending ad placement on television game show "Willing Willie", its media official said.

"Mang Inasal will be holding off placements within the week," said JFC corporate media officer Pauline Lao.
The announcement came as the drive to boycott products of TV5's "Willing Willie" show advertisers gains support on various social media sites.


SmartBro Pocket Wifi Portable 3G Router

Smart now has their own version of a portable 3G+WiFi router they called SmartBro Pocket WiFi. This new product competes head-on with Globe MyFi launched back in July.

The SmartBro Pocket WiFi is only available on a postpaid Plan 495 for 50 hours of 3G internet every month. You will also need to add another Php150 per month for the Pocket WiFi device for the next 24 month lock-in period (that makes Php645/month for 24 months).


Summer Job for Students

The Department of Education under Secretary Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC is participating in the implementation of the Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES), a program led by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

The SPES is an annual work-appreciation program that encourages young ones to turn their idle time into productive hours and needed income for school-related expenses. SPES is being implemented pursuant to the amendatory law referred to as Republic Act 9547 entitled “An Act Strengthening and Expanding the Coverage of the Special Program for the Employment of Students, Amending for the Purpose Provisions


DepEd Assigns Disaster Marshals and Educates Employees on Occupational Safety

The Department of Education Central Office has issued an office memorandum to inform its employees of the conduct of a one-day Occupational Safety and Health Seminar on March 30 and 
an Earthquake and Fire Drill on March 31.

According to Engr. Oliver Hernandez of DepEd-Physical Facilities and Schools Engineering Division (DepEd-PFSED) and OIC-Director of Administrative Services, “the activity is very timely not only because of the series of earthquakes that had happened but it will also teach life saving skills that every employee should know. It is important that we know how to respond properly before, during, and after any of these hazards happen in their respective workplace.”


01 April 2011

5 Fun and Safe Social Networking for Kids

If you have young children on Facebook or MySpace, they shouldn’t be — at least legally. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) prevents websites from collecting personal information about children who are under the age of 13 without their parents’ permission.

Many children bypass this law, even on sites that enforce it, by simply adjusting their birthday. In a recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 75% of seventh through 12th graders surveyed said they had a profile on a social media site.


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