29 January 2010

LVHS Entry Make it to the 2nd DPSA Learning Challenge Finals

Lupon: Abundant Fishing Ground
Science and Environment Category
Lupon Vocational High School
Lupon, Davao Oriental

Out of 147 entries submitted by 43 partner schools nationwide, 30 Focus Study entries made it to the final judging of the 2nd Doon Po Sa Amin Learning Challenge.

During the pre-final judging, the entries were classified and ranked according to their respective Topic Categories. The shortlisted entries were evaluated based on Educational Content (40%), ICT Integration (30%), Student Collaboration (20%), and Impact to the Community (10%).

Judges for the finals were:

Ms. Feny delos Angeles-Bautista (Community of Learners Foundation; SSP Advisory Council)
Mr. Roger Chua (Web Philippines; SSP Advisory Council)
Mr. Darwin F. Flores (Smart Communications Inc.)
Ms. Sally F. Aldaba (Smart Communications Inc.)
Mr. Mon Duremdes (Smart Communications Inc.)
Mr. Christopher Lorenzo (Netlearn Ventures Inc.)
Mr. Lloyd Layug (Netlearn Ventures Inc.)

Team members of finalists will be given individual tokens while winners of the Best in Topic Category Award will vie for the Grand Champion Award and will be invited in the DPSA Awards event to exhibit their works. The DPSA Awards event will be held back-to-back with the 6th SWEEP Innovation & Excellence Awards on February 4-6, 2010 at A.Venue Hall, Makati City.


Automatic Screen Refresh Tip

When you are working on your local computer and want to refresh any changes in your system automatically. For example some times you are watching sports results, online Stock Exchange rates and any changes to your hard drive but these changes are not usually refreshed until you press the F5 key on your keyboard.

To refresh your screen automatically you should edit your system Registry. But the best technique to edit the windows registry keys, always export or backup the whole windows registry keys on backup drive before editing. Because any mistake in Registry can cause serious problem in your computer to run properly.

Follow the given steps to change the updates automatically.

  • First click on Start button then type Regedit in Run option.

  • In Registry Editor panel go to the path:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / System / CurrentControlSet /

Control / UpdateMode

  • Here in right hand side panel edit the DWORD value to be between 1 and 5.

  • Now restart your computer after any changes to go into effect.


27 January 2010

Dancing Inmates from Cebu

"Dancing Inmates" from Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC), a maximum security prison in the Philippines, were treated to a visit by Michael Jacksons long-time choreographer Travis Payne and dancers Daniel Celebre and Dres Reid to learn performances from THIS IS IT.


20 January 2010

Hundreds Strip For No-pants Subway Ride

Hundreds of New Yorkers have been riding the city's subway trains in their underwear.

They stripped down to their undies on Sunday for the ninth annual No Pants Subway Ride.

The idea is to act like nothing unusual is going on.

Participants met up at six locations throughout the city. They formed groups and dispersed to subway stations to catch trains. Once inside the subway cars, they began calmly removing their pants and folding them up.

Most people read magazines or chatted with their companions like any other straphanger.

The event started in 2002 with just seven people. It has spread to other cities.

The stunt is organized by Improv Everywhere, a group that says its mission is to cause "scenes of chaos and joy in public places."



Microblogging is a web service that allows the subscriber to broadcast short messages to other subscribers of the service. Microposts can be made public on a Web site and/or distributed to a private group of subscribers. Subscribers can read microblog posts online or request that updates be delivered in real time to their desktop as an instant message or sent to a mobile device as an SMS text message.

The appeal of microblogging is both its immediacy and portability. Posts are brief (typically 140 – 200 characters) and can be written or received with a variety of computing devices, including cell phones. Although most microblog broadcasts are posted as text, some microblogging services allow video or audio posts.

Microblogging is slowly moving into the mainstream. In the United States, for example, Presidential candidate Barack Obama microblogged from the campaign trail using Twitter, one of the most popular microblogging services. Traditional media organizations, including The New York Times and the BBC, have begun to send headlines and links in microblog posts. Other potential applications of microblogging include traffic and sports updates and emergency broadcast systems.

In microblogging, also referred to as themed IM (Instant Messaging), users write brief updates, usually limited to less than 200 characters, and publish them via a web browser based service, email or mobile devices. Popular microblogging services include:

The practical usefulness of many microblogging services depends on the individual user creating and interacting with a Personal Learning Network [PLN] of professional colleagues.


Collaborative blogs

Collaborative blogs, also known as Group Blogs, publish posts written by multiple users.

* Student 2.0 is an excellent example of a group blog authored by students.

We are students: the ones who come to school every day, raise our hands with safe questions, and keep our heads down. Except, now we have a voice—a strong voice—to share our ideas through a global network.

This YouTube video introduces the blog's young authors.


19 January 2010

Help the People of Haiti


15 January 2010

Haiti Before and After


14 January 2010

A View of the Canape-Vert Area Now

I went to Haiti in 2002 for a short vacation. Before landing, you will see the beautiful view of the Canape-Vert of Port-au-Prince in Haiti. Houses are built like mushrooms in the hills. This is how it looks like now after a huge earthquake measuring 7.0 rocked the impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti. Destroyed homes in the hillside are seen. Scenes of chaos gripped the streets of the capital with people sobbing and wandering dazed amid the rubble of the impoverished city.


13 January 2010

Blogging in the Classroom

I created a blog site for my students for them to develop writing, share ideas and reflect on work being undertaken in the classroom. My students also created their own personal blog using another tool. They are starting to enjoy posting articles about anything they want to share with their classmates and friends.


12 January 2010

FearNet: Top Five 2010 New Year’s Resolutions for Twilighters

FearNet has Twilight themed New Year’s resolutions out:

“Tired of the Twilight haters? Here are five key resolutions to make your 2010 another awesome year in unabashed Twilight obsession.

If you’re sick of the same old New Year’s resolutions – lose weight, stop smoking, watch more good horror – I have a new challenge for you: take on one or more of these Twilight-oriented goals for 2010 and see how much more respectable your secret (or not so secret) obsession with Edward Cullen can become in your everyday dealings with haters. If everyone does their part, we can all help “normalize” the all-consuming, life-altering affliction known as Twilight mania in the New Year! We’ll no longer be second-class citizens in the eyes of the film world! (Especially if ticket sales stay consistent.)”

Check out the specifics on FearNet!


Taylor Lautner: Highest paid teen actor in Hollywood

It is being reported that Taylor Lautner snagged an amazing 7.5 million to star in Northern Lights opposite Tom Cruise. Nikki Finki has deduced that with this sum of money Lautner has sky rocketed to being the highest paid teenaged actor in Hollywood over Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus. Fans of Twilight might think he’s worth the price tag, but as Cinema Blend points out, Lautner hasn’t carried a film on his own yet which makes the paycheck that much more impressive.

Given that Lautner hasn’t carried a single movie without the word Twilight in the title, that’s a pretty significant gamble. Robert Pattinson’s projects beyond Twilight haven’t really gone anywhere, though granted, he hasn’t been groomed as a new star by a studio in the same way. But can the Twilight effect carry on without Bella lurking somewhere in the frame?”


08 January 2010

Queen Latifa spoofs New Moon


07 January 2010

Dissecting a Human

I found this picture in one of the posts in Facebook. It is so strange to look at the body as a material thing to dissect. I have never seen a body that is cut open and physically manipulated with the hands, and physical manipulation changes function. The body acts just as the machine that it is. Eeeeew!


05 January 2010

DSL Speed Test Tips

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is basically 24-hours on internet connection and working with high speed up to 10 Mbps. DSL service provider offering different packages with speed 128 Kbps to 10 Mbps. But the actual speed at user end may be different from user to user due to the modem speed, telephone line condition and the distance between services provider to user home. If you want your DSL working with good speed and error free then make sure there is no any joint between telephone line tower and modem line. Your DSL modem may be heat up, hang and slow, if your DSL modem continually on for 24-hours, then restart it to solve this problem.

There are many DSL providers offers free speed test software with Internet connection package to check speed frequently. Many third parties software provider companies offer free speed check software on internet, download and use it to monitor speed constantly. Yon can test speed using any website for this purpose, search speed test tools websites using any search engine. DSL speed test result will be different in different times, may be fast during early morning and slow at peak hours. You should get the results in different hours then with the help of average decide about the actual speed.


Internet Fax

Internet fax is a type of online service that provides subscribers with the ability to send and receive faxes without a fax machine. Instead, Internet access and an email account is all that is required.

Discover the advantages of technology nowadays! Read further on the best Email to Fax Service reviews!

To use an Internet fax service, a subscriber signs up for a small monthly fee and is assigned a fax number. When a fax is sent to the subscriber's number, the service accepts the fax, turning it into a file that is forwarded to the subscriber's existing email address.

To send an Internet fax, the subscriber creates an email. The fax content can be written in the body of the email, and attachments are normally permitted. The destination fax number is entered in the "To" field, along with "@" and the Internet fax service name. For example, if the fax number were 1-550-234-5678, the email would be addressed to 15502345678@site.com. In the "Subject" field the user enters the name of the recipient, "Attn: Mr. Jam" for example.

A small toolbar, available for download from the Internet fax service, is used as a plug-in inside the email program. Clicking on the "Send" button on the toolbar sends the email to the Internet fax service. Upon receipt, an automated program converts the email to a fax format, then faxes to the number supplied in the "To" header. The recipient receives the fax normally, through his or her fax machine.

This service can be very convenient. Of the many advantages, your assigned fax number is active 24 hours a day, so that your account can accept faxes around the clock. Contrast this with using a fax machine, which relies on your phone system being free to accept a fax. For those that use one phone line for fax, telephone, and dial-up, an Internet fax service is especially handy. Internet fax services also save paper and fax toner, and do not rely on a serviceable fax machine. All faxes are sent and received as files. They can be printed by choice, but it isn't necessary.

A further advantage of an Internet fax service is that the subscriber does not need to be familiar with faxing software or fax machines. The convenience of sending and receiving faxes by using the familiar email interface appeals many people.

One of the best features of Internet fax services is that many offer toll-free fax numbers for the U.S. and Canada, so that your U.S. and Canadian clients can fax you for free. Sending faxes is also free of phone charges for the subscriber, as he or she is only sending emails.

When looking into Internet fax services, consider a service that offers a secure website. This provides a mobile "portal" to send/receive faxes while you're on the road or away from home. Confirmation of sent faxes should be standard, so you can be sure your client got your communication. The ability to send to more than one fax number at a time can also be valuable. Check for a page capacity, as some services may limit the amount of pages the subscriber can send/receive in a month.


04 January 2010

Remember Me


How to hide computer drives to secure data?

This tip is very useful for home users, particularly for those who want to hide/secure their important data from other users. You can hide any specific local drive or all drives (physical and removable) of the system and network drives also. By disabling the display of drives, you can make your personal data safe from non-technical users on a single computer.

Follow the given steps to change the system drives registry value:

To use this feature, you will need to be logged into your computer wit

administrative rights.

  • Click Start button and type regedit in Run option then press Enter for next.

  • Here locate the location to:

· HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion \Policies\Explorer

Here in right side panel, right click to create a new DWORD value

with name NoDrives (it is case sensitive), then assign number

to its value data box.

· For specific drive use values (For example, for A, B, C, D, E, F, G,

H drives, the values are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128 respectively).

· In this case we are trying to hide F drive, so we modify the value data

box to 32.

· Now close the registry editor and restart your computer after any

changes to go into effect.

· But next time, if you want to unhide this drive then simply change

the value data box or delete the DWORD item.

  • Again close the registry editor and restart your computer after any

changes to go into effect.


03 January 2010

Happy New Year!


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