29 September 2009

Farm Town Addiction

Farm town is the first game I started playing online. This addictive game over at Facebook often takes my time. I am hooked into this game because the concept and the whole idea is amazing as if it is real. Farm Town is simply a virtual farmers game where you take control of your farmer character to plant for crops, sell harvested crops, work to earn more coins and socialize with other players all over the world. In addition why this game is so addictive is because as a farmer, you have to take good care of your crops and monitor them for if you won't, at Farm Town, your crops will also wither and will be gone to waste. Sounds really cool isn't it?


28 September 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Blog with Students


17 September 2009

How to delete files that are used by other programs in windows XP/Vista?

I sometimes get an error deleting files and folders especially when the file is being used by another program or application, like a virus affected file. If I try to deletre such kind of file or folder, I receive any of these error messages.

* Cannot delete file: the file is in use by the other program
* Cannot delete file: There has been a sharing violation
* Cannot delete file: The file is in use by another program or user
* Cannot delete file: Disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.
* Cannot delete file: The source or destination file may be in use

Normally, a windows restart will allow you to delete such files or folders that are being used by other program, but if you want to manage it without restart your computer then simply you need to download a freeware tool called Unlocker.

You can download this tool for any windows version using Unlocker link. Download it and run the easy setup.

After installation, right click on file or folder that you want to delete and select the option Unlocker.

If your requested file or folder is used or locked by other application then a small window listing of lockers will appear.

Here simply click on “Unlock All” button and now you can easily delete this file.


13 September 2009

How to recover lost bookmarks on Firefox?

Today cool tip will help you to recover the lost bookmarks on Firefox. You can export the bookmarks folder to a specific folder or location using import and export option in Firefox. If you are new computer user, first you should learn about the importance and need of backup, because without backup yon can lose your favorite websites list any time due to any virus, power failure and hard disk problem.

So, what happen if your Firfox's bookmarks suddenly disappear? It is very frustrating and disappointing but don't worry, Firefox actually do this job for you to create automatic backup.
Follow the given steps to retrieve the lost bookmarks list:
Under profiles folder, you will see a folder with random name, in our case this folder name is awrvfkuo.default.

Double click on awrvfkuo.default folder and you will see another folder with name "bookmarkbackups". Here is actual place where firefox store your bookmarks backup.

Now copy the all latest bookmarks detail and go up one level then past it.Here rename the file to "bookmarks.html" and now your bookmarks should be restored.


07 September 2009

How to create digital photo album presentation in PowerPoint?

In Microsoft PowerPoint, you can create a digital photo album of your scanned photographs to represent as slide show presentation. Using this feature, you can display your business photo album on the web. Once you have converted it into HTML document, PowerPoint will allow you to publish this album to the internet. You can create unlimited albums and also add unlimited photos in each album.

Follow the given steps to create a digital photo album of your scanned photographs:
First create a folder of your scanned pictures or transfer from your digital camera or download from the web.

Now click on "Picture" option from the "Insert" menu then click on "New Photo Album" option.

Here a small dialog box will appear with "Photo Album" title. Now click on "File/Disk" button under "Insert picture from" area to add first picture in album.

Here you can add unlimited picture in one album. If you want to get pictures from scanner or camera then click on "Scanner/Camera" button.

Now you can add effects to your pictures, for example rotates picture to different directions, background colors, picture brightness and contrast levels

Now under "Album Layout" area, you can choose the best picture layout, Frame shape and add design template also for your photos album.

Once you have selected the all required pictures and layouts for your photo album then click on "Create" button to start the process.

Now "Save" the file and then run this photo album in Slide Show.


01 September 2009

iPod Touch Video Converter

Our lives have turned into a big media center. Each of us likely have our own set of desktops, laptops, mobile phones, portable media players, handheld consoles, and MP3 players. The many video formats needed to run our gadgets just add more stress to our already media-entangled lives.

With so many video formats and too little time to organize our video files, we need an easy-to-use and intuitive video converter that handles all our video files on the go.

I have mp4 video files in my laptop which I wanted to synchronize with my iPod Touch. But I get some error messages that the iPod can't play such videos. I realized that not all mp4 file formats can be played with the Apple iPod Touch. With a great relief, I found Videora iPod Converter, the best freeware video converter that will keep my video collection a little less insane.

To download the Videora iPod Converter, click here.


How to get an iTunes account without a credit card?

I cant get a free iPod touch apps because I dont have a credit card :( So I tried to research online on how to get an account without giving your personal information away or entering your credit card info. I guess there are also many iPod Touch fanatics out there who have the same problem with me.

Here are the steps on how to get an iTunes account without a credit card. This might work for you. Click here.


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