31 January 2011

Surge Solar Case for iPod Touch

There is never a shortage of various portable ways to charge the iPhone, mostly due to people being very unhappy with the battery life.  However, for those of us using an iPod Touch like me, it seems like there are far less options.  Which is bad for those like me that are notorious for forgetting to charge their iPod while they’re at home.  This Surge case will help out those that are always on the run and always forgetting to plug in their iPod.  It’ll make sure you can get a charge no matter where you’re at.


iPod Gadget: iKit

I always have a problem charging my iPod touch especially when I'm travelling til I found this gadget.

iKit is definitely a name that you should be familiar with when it comes to Apple accessories, and this manufacturer is now back with another innovative offering – the AutoCharge + USB. What makes the AutoCharge + USB so special? Well, it is actually a high-performance 2.1 AMP USB port that delivers a simple and rapid charge to your iPad, iPhone, iPod and USB devices whenever you are on-the-go.


Most Searched Topics on Google

These are some Blog Topics which are Highly searched on Google. As Google is ruling the Search market, there is no doubt in the accuracy of this find.

1. Top Searched Topics on Google
2. Hollywood/Bollywood Celebrities, Wallpapers and News
3. Sex Tips and Caring Methods etc.
4. Technology- Gaming, Gadgets, PDA
5. Automobile – Car, Bikes etc.
6. Blogging , Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing
7. Animation , Art or Film Making


28 January 2011

Masking Part of an Image Using Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a versatile, photograph program to use for a variety of digital image editing needs. While it may seem intimidating to the novice user, it is easy to learn some of the simple functions on an individual basis. Here is how you can mask part of an image. The simplest way to do that is by making a layer mask. This will keep the original image as is.


27 January 2011

The ChatPhone for Facebook

The ChatPhone is the first Facebook chat phone for free. It is safe, free and very easy to install.

Here are the steps:


How to disable or uninstall Microsoft WGA?

When you use a non-genuine version of Windows, you receive a message when you log on that states that the copy of Windows appears to be non-genuine. Then, you are directed to the WGA Web site to learn more. If you do not want to obtain a genuine copy of Windows, you receive periodic messages that notify you that the copy of Windows appears to be non-genuine.


26 January 2011

Health Benefits of Eating Crabs

I love shrimp and crab. Crab is my favorite seafood and since it is in season, I've been eating a lot of them lately. However, I wonder why I get a headache after eating a lot of crabs. 

Crabs are rich in sodium, potassium and phosphorus with good amounts of calcium, magnesium and small amounts of iron, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium. Crabs have good amount of vitamin A, C, B6, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and panthothenic acid with small amounts of folate and vitamin B12.


25 January 2011

Using Windows Movie Maker in the Classroom

Why use digital media in the classroom? Because it provides students with tools that will enable them to create and share intriguing multimedia projects. Students can express their knowledge in a subject area in an engaging way. Motivation is seldom a factor when students use digital media to learn. Best of all, digital editing software such as Windows Movie Maker or Apple’s iMovie are easy to use, thus keeping the focus on learning the content, not on the tool itself. In fact, teachers say that students learn how to use this type of software in about 15 minutes and it can be used with the youngest of students – even kindergarteners! My sister in law learned how to create a movie using movie maker from his 8 yr old son.

Here is a sample video created by one of my students in Computer Hardware Servicing III class.


How to Change the Wallpaper of Windows 7 Starter Edition

A few friends of mine have been asking me if there is anyway we can change the wallpaper of windows 7 starter edition since Microsoft deleted the option of changing the wallpaper.

Here in one way of doing it:


21 January 2011

5 Stages of a Blogger's Life


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