18 June 2012

Angeline Quinto Open To Undergo DNA Testing With Possible Biological Mom

Singer Angeline Quinto swore that she’d forever remain indebted to her foster family despite her continued search for her biological mother.
“Wala naman pong magbabago samin,” assured Angeline in between tears via a taped interview with “The Buzz” aired on June 17.
 Angeline’s promise to continue loving her adoptive parents, especially her Mama Bab (Sylvia Quinto, her father’s aunt whom she considers as her mother), came on the heels of a certain Veronica Tolentino’s claim to be her real mother.
Another ‘mother’

Since she went mainstream, Angeline has been open to the public about her identity as adopted child. That, and her unwavering quest to find her real mother are among the things she emotionally talks about every interview. Which is why it's quite unsurprising that after being “motherless” for a good 22 years, several women have now popped up claiming to be her real mother—with Veronica being the latest one to do so.
In a taped interview aired on the same “Buzz” episode, Veronica claimed that, contrary to what Angeline has grown to know, she never really sold her two kids for a sum of "P10,000." According to her, the reason she allegedly lost Angeline and her brother was because she suffered from a certain disease, which rendered her incapable of claiming them from a certain “Jun” to whom she entrusted them for caring in Pampanga.
Even if she has yet to meet Veronica, Angeline has apparently already gotten wind of the former’s claim. In the same “Buzz” report, Angeline confessed to have felt particularly nervous about this fourth woman claiming to be her long lost mother.
“Opo [meron po akong kakaibang naramdaman]. Nagulat nga po ako nung sinabi po sa akin, parang sabi ko, ‘Bakit ganon ang naramdaman ko?’ Parang kinabahan po kasi ako tapos kung papansinin po parang magkahawig po yung mata naman tsaka ilong,” she observed.

However, the 22-year-old pop superstar noted that Veronica’s version of how she lost them was quite “different” from the story she’s come to know growing up.
But, Veronica seemed to have hit certain details right about the budding actress, specifically the part where Angeline and her brother was allegedly taken by Jun to be sold to another family in Pangasinan.

“Medyo po [may naalala po ako] kasi taga-Pangasinan po ‘yung umampon po sa akin tsaka ‘yung iba pong mga kamag-anak ko ay nasa Pangasinan din. Kumbaga  ‘yun po ang probinsiya namin,” Angeline said.
Asked if she happens to recall having met a “Jun” when she was a little younger, Angeline's uncertain reply was: “Parang may naririnig po ako nung bata ako pero hindi ko na malaala talaga eh. Pero siyempre kapag bata ka siyempre hindi mo na masyadong matandaan pero parang pamilyar po sa akin ang pangalang ‘yon.”

Veronica emphasized that she didn’t come out to extort money from her now-popular daughter. Instead, she stressed in the report that she only surfaced now to clarify certain accusations about her being a negligent mother. In fact, if it would come down to it, Veronica even boldly said that she’s willing to undergo a DNA test in order to prove her declarations.
For her part, Angeline welcomed the idea with renewed excitement and piped out, “Eh ‘di mas mabuti po kasi kung magpapa-DNA test po siya, siyempre gusto ko rin naman ‘yun. Kumbaga, ayaw ko na pong palampasin ‘yung pagkakataon na ‘to na, ang tagal tagal ko pong hinahanap ‘yung tunay kong nanay.”
Putting the pieces together
Since both camps expressed interest in scientifically proving their relation to one another, the possibility of a positive result would raise new questions.
What would she do if, by some stroke of luck, Veronica turns out to be her real, biological mother? What would become of her Quinto family?

“Kung sakali man po na siya po ‘yung tunay kong nanay, ‘yung sa pamilya ko po na nagpalaki sakin wala naman pong magbabago do’n. Tsaka hindi ko naman po hahayaan na masaktan si Mama Bab kasi hindi niya po alam ‘to lahat eh,” Angeline promised.
While she’s pleased that her search seems to be moving forward, the fear of deliberately hurting her Mama Bab of her actions still hound her.
"‘Yun nga po ‘yung pinakakinakatakutan kong mangyari kasi may sakit po siya sa puso eh. Baka po ano pa ang mangyari sakanya ‘pag nalaman niya po,” she worried.
Despite this, Angeline is confident that her Quinto family would “understand” where she’s coming from and what she hopes to achieve because “alam naman po nila na bata pa po ako ‘yun na ang gusto kong malaman, kumbaga kung nasaan po talaga ‘yung tunay kong nanay.”
She added, “Basta ‘yung makilala ko lang po ‘yung tunay kong nanay. Kasi ‘yun lang po talaga ‘yung lagi kong dinadasal eh, bukod po sa mabuo po ‘yung pamilya ko, ‘yung makilala ko lang po ‘yung tunay kong nanay.”




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