18 June 2012

Get Fine Pics With Fujifilm

The Fujifilm Finepix X100 is a lightweight, easy to carry around with a fantastic retro-styled camera. It provides its user with a smart feeling of holding a vintage relic that can spar with the more recent cameras. This is something every pro that misses the old days will certainly love this camera.
Fujifilm has always been known for producing compact cameras with excellent quality for both photography enthusiasts and professionals. And this compact-sized Finepix X100 shoots like a SLR, taking crisp photographs.

It uses analogue dials that controls the shutter speed, aperture and exposure. It takes stunningly vivid photos, and if it’s manually set to 2.8 aperture, 60 shutter speed and ISO at 200 – it gives the feeling of a classic set up from an analogue film camera.
This is an amazing touch as it can be used for serious photography practices, especially in some decades back, since we used films, every shot we made had to be “the shot”, it’s a serious tough-love training that paid off with discipline.
One of the most fantastic features this camera can offer is its hybrid viewfinder. By combining both an optical and an electronic viewfinder, accuracy is guaranteed. It lets you see the subject as it is and what it looks like after it is processed by the camera. Then lens is fixed at 23mm with a f/2, however the lens is superb in finding the image as clear as it is.
The camera has 12 megapixels, which is just right for many photographers because it doesn’t take too much memory space. It’s a common misconception the higher megapixels the better image quality, although some bit of it is true, what is more important is the processor built within the camera.
Because once a shot is captured, it goes through the processor and will be “processed”, meaning it tries to recapture the image as it was seen, sharpens the image, fills in the colors, detects edges so not to over-sharpen it. The better quality of an image processor, the better the image will be. For the Finepix X100, it is equipped with a very good image sensor that delivers the picture quality fit for every photographer’s desire.
It has other interesting features to take note of. As such, the ND Filter, which switched on, will lessen the amount of light being taken in with the picture, balancing the colors just right to give you the perfect outdoor, sunny shot, with less too bright sunlight.
It also has a Motion Panorama mode that lets you take a panorama with a single shot instead of the traditional three. Somewhat more convenient, sometimes it gives off errors that say you’re moving the camera too fast. Another interesting feature is the Film Simulation bracketing, where an image is processed and you’re given three different modes that give different colors and sharpness for the image, and you can choose which of the three you like best.
Overall, this is a great camera with amazing features that offers a lot of potential for both photography enthusiasts and professionals.




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