07 February 2011

Research from Your Phone with Google Mobile

Google is already a household name when it comes to coming up with relevant search results. Be it the weather in another part of the world, or the intricacies of a space engine, the basics of doing research is covered by Google.

With the influx of smart phones, it is now time to bring this extremely useful search engine everywhere you go. Google Mobile applications are available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia/Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Here are some of Google Mobile applications you may find useful in doing research:
Google Search

When you download Google Search application in your mobile phone, you can launch Google without having to type the URL address. You can even speak your queries instead of typing them.
With the usual Google efficiency, this can give you comprehensive Google results, perfect for research. Websites, images, local videos, blogs, news, books and maps can show up in the results page right away. Google.com is also available in 38 languages on any mobile device with Internet access.

Google News

Google News in your mobile phone allows you to access news you want when you’re on the road or out of the classroom. Check the current news and the latest stories by visiting news.google.com in your phone’s web browser. Select the regional edition that is best for you.


Videos also provide a wealth of information. There are a lot of educational videos and tutorial nowadays so you can learn new things wherever you are through your mobile phone. You can browse and watch videos or upload videos right to your phone. You can also share, rate, and comment on these videos.

Android and Apple has pre-installed YouTube app, while users with Nokia and Windows Mobile phones have to download the app from m.youtube.com/app. For more information, go to m.google.com/youtube.

Google Reader

For those of you who love to read, Google Reader for mobile will be handy to you. With this application, you can star the items that are interesting to you and access them anytime you like. Google Reader also allows you to share content with others.

When doing research, Google reader helps you gather relevant information first before reading them one by one.




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