07 February 2011

Nintendo Wii Helps People Diagnosed with Parkinson's

According to Jo Collinge, a woman living in the UK, after playing motion-based video games on Nintendo Wii she noticed that some of the symptoms of her Parkinson's disease disappeared.

The 48-year-old Collinge was diagnosed with Parkinson's a year-and-a-half ago. Soon after that she lost her ability to walk. Then the disease started causing even more problems.

However, the British woman decided not to give up. She started playing motion games on the Wii. He favorite games were boxing, step aerobics, and hula hooping. Then, according to Collinge, she saw a "massive improvement."
"I can now do a lot of things again which I couldn't before. I've become far more nimble and can walk much further," she said.

But Collinge is not the only person to report on how Wii helped reverse the symptoms of the disease. A huge number of people said the same thing, which motivated one charity organization - Parkinson's UK - to offer a $ 53,865 grant to scientists at Belfast University, reports The Sun.

The team of researchers is currently examining the positive health effects linked with motion gaming systems such as the Wii.




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