08 February 2011

Tips on how to keep your computer virus-free

The Internet presents an opportunity for viruses to attack any unsuspecting user. For a naïve user, it would be difficult to discern a virus as it comes in many forms: installers, Trojans, and worms, among others.

Below are some tips that will help reduce the risk of your computer getting infected by a virus:
  • Browse with caution – Most viruses enter your computer as a result of clicking on pop-ups or untrustworthy website links.
  • Open emails cautiously – Even if the subject seems harmless, emails can contain links that lead to a virus entering the computer. If the email is from a source that you do not know, treat it with extra caution.
  • Install or download clean programs – Download programs and files only from a trusted source.
  • Install a firewall and an antivirus software – A firewall help you prevent unauthorized access to your computer while an antivirus package can protect your computer from viruses.
  • Perform regular virus scans – Scan your computer for viruses on a regular basis, say once or twice a week.
  • Be cautious with removable media – Removable media refers to USB drives, portable hard drives, and memory cards. Be careful since they are major factors in facilitating the spreading of viruses. Use only trusted devices on your computer. Scan files for viruses before using them.
  • Use your common sense – If you are thinking twice about an attachment, get rid of it quickly.
Here are some free virus removal tools for your reference:
Below are some virus repair sites and prevention tips:



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