28 March 2009

Rejection Time

Even as early as this time, we already see some politicians getting ready for their candidacy for the 2010 election.

It is not surprising to say that to most Filipinos, voting is simply a gesture of participation to our country's political affairs. As a matter of fact, Filipinos are noted for being thoughtless voters who don't seem to care much about choosing candidate for posts.

Evidently, even before the campaign period has started, sad stories of vote buying, fly voting, and other evils and election frauds already start to spread out.

This has always been the attitude of most Filipinos every election. Now, it has become worse.

It is rather patriotic to say, that the individual, no matter what walk of life he belongs, plays a vital and crucial role during elections. Vital, for his vote tightly grips the country's future. Crucial, on the other had, because the lives of all filipinos (including those who are yet to be born) are intimately involved in the consequences if thoughtless voters attitude would remain as is.

Election is one best opportunity to prove our equality to the rest. So don't waste time. The next election that comes along must be different. When we vote, our votes are equally counted as that of others. No matter what you are and who you are, your vote will have an equal credit to the vote even to that of the President of the Philippines. Whether rich or poor, young or old, popular or not, all votes have equal counts.

We govern ourselves through the officials that we choose during elections. Electing them not only means putting their names in our ballots because they are popular or what. We elect them because we believe in them. They have proven their potentials and self worth. And most of all, they are trustworthy, reliable, and dependable in running the country for the next three years.

Our country is governed by laws and policies. When we elect people to the Senate and other positions, our votes implicates the authority we give them to represent our voice in legislation. A point to be careful about.

Like anyone else, we certainly urge each and everyone to exercise their right to suffrage. That when we'll go out to vote, we neither do it for fun nor as a simple geture of being Filipinos. Instead, let us put our hopes ang aspirations for our country in our individual ballots.

The election 2010 spells out uncertainties. But, your thoughtful gesture will surely make a difference. Don't waste your vote to politicians whose promises are perpetually fugacious. they have major responsibilities to perform. Choose only those whom you believe, by facts and reasons, are capable of doing tedious tasks for the greater glory of all.

We have so many helpless brothers who are deprived of many things in life. Our justice system up until now is improperly and terribly administered. The well-being of our people needs further advancement. Our country is facing threats (in several forms), and we are not yet assured of safety measures.

These are the things we need to ponder on when we elect people next year. As Alejandro Roces put it in his column before, "Don't vote straight ticket because no party is straight. Don't confuse cheap talk for free speech. Election is selection and rejection." He added, "Profundity and wide knowledge are liabilities, not assets in a popular election. So let us brace ourselves and see the politicians who will be elected to mess up the country."

True. We need enlightened individuals in the government. Likewise, we need intelligent voters to elect and reject.




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