26 January 2009

Which Is Better: Right-Brained or Left-Brained?

This is a continuation of the article I posted about "Are you left or right brained?" few days ago. After you have determined which side of the brain you are, then maybe you would ask, which is better?

Until fairly recently, the right side of the brain "got no respect." That's not too surprising when you think about the emphasis our society places on the functions of the left brain. That's the side of the brain you depend on to perform most of your schoolwork, such as reading, writing and math. And that's the side of the brain that's usually being evaluated or measured when teachers give you grades.

Lately, however, more and more emphasis is being placed on the right brain as the key to increasing intuitive powers and unlocking creativity. In fact, many books are now available that try to teach us how to call on the natural, irrational powers of the right brain. Scientists are recognizing that it is the experience of sudden insight - that ah-ah! moment when answers appear out of nowhere - that actually helps us to solve problems that the rational, logical left brain can't figure out.

How to get your mind to shift to the right?

Most of us are left-brained, but that could be because we don't know how to get our right brains cranking. If you have a problem that you can't figure out - or you just want to give your left brain a break - try these tricks.

* Instead of trying to force a solution, put the problem aside for a while and go on to somehing else.
* Let your mind wander.

* Go for a long walk, take a nap or a bath, listen to some mellow music.

* Paint a picture, play the guitar, make a collage.

These actions may help your right brain to "incubate" information provided by the left brain so that insight may develop.




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