29 October 2008

How to get more movement in your life?

Researchers aren't just playing cheer leader when they say that movement is a genuine pill. They've piled up a mountain proof that activity can stave off the killer diseases that steal vitality and life from millions every year.

Here's how to get more movement in your life:

1. Get out of the car: Whenever possible, go part of the way to your destination by car, then park and walk the rest. Or even if you simply trade time in the car for time on a bus or train, the walk to and from the station will add valuable active minutes to your day.

2. Go on three- minute walks: Piling up short preiods of activity appears to be as good as exercising all at once. so take "miving" coffee breaks or lunchtime walks.

3. Turn off e-mail: Communicating by computer is sure to keep you in your chair all day. Walk over and talk to your co-workers face-to-face.

4. Make chores your workout: Srcub the floor. Weed the gardern. Ride your bike to the local shops. Everyday activities count as exercise as long as they're strenous enough to leave you slightly winded.

5. Shun escalators: Elevators may be hard to avoid if your office is on the 18th floor, but escalators are usually only a flight or two long- and the're often right next to the stairs.




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