30 October 2008

Home Remedies

If a prefect night's sleep constantly eludes you, you need to wise up to these practical ways to get your zzz. To create the ideal sleep-friendly slumberland:

1. Turn your radio to a spot between stations to produce low-level white noise. Studies have shown that constant low-level noise can induce sleep. An electric fan will also do the trick.

2. Get that glaring alarm clock out of your face. Light sleepers can be disturbed by digital light.

3. Choose calming colours for your bedroom decor. Green and blues are very restful. Avoid reds, yellows and oranges as these can be too stimulating and keep you awake at night.

4. Get a teddy bear. These guys will help you sleep soundly because their cuddles are unlimited, and they don't snore or kick off the blankets, ever.




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