11 October 2012

Man Proposes To GF With Help From Dingdong Dantes

It takes creativity for a guy to propose in style and this is exactly what an obviously enamored man had done – with the help of Kapuso actor Dingdong Dantes.
Ferdinand Brian Bucayan Tan (Briant Tan) who’s in a relationship with Twinkle Marie Pimentel Blasurca (Twinkle Blasurca), left no stones unturned when time came to propose to his girlfriend of nine years. To achieve this, he sought the help of Twinkle’s all-time showbiz crush, Marian Rivera’s boyfriend.
Ferdinand went through great lengths to make his proposal unique. First, he asked friends from Facebook where he can reach Dingdong. It seemed that he learned about Dingdong’s comic book meet and greet event at the National Bookstore branch at SM North EDSA last Oct. 2.

The guy videotaped his proposal and posted it on his Facebook account.
“Hi there baby! What’s this? Hahaha, just keep on. Ohh, there’s nothing wrong with this video, okay? Actually, it’s just an audio. I’m sick and tired of my face so I just want you to hear & listen what I say, okay?” he said on the video.
Ferdinand shared that he already knew what would make his girlfriend extremely happy.
“Ammm, you know? The day I thought about making special something for you when you came home was never hard to think.
“Whom do I think can make you happiest other than myself, your friends, your family? DINGDONG DANTES! The celebrity crush of yours that would sweep you off your feet, I’m sure about that.
“So, I thought about crazy stuff... stuff that may give you so great of a happiness I may have not given to you yet, in all of our 9 years together, NINE YEARS AS LOVERS.”
First-time videographer
Ferdinand is willing to do anything and everything just to please Twinkle, even doing things for the first time such as shooting the video.
“So, here I am, a trying hard wannabe moviemaker who gathered these clips and made this amateur video that I hope will show you how much you mean to me, how much I treasure ‘WE,’” he said.
He then said, “And oh, I was talking about Dingdong, wasn’t I? Have I got something for you from him? Hmm, just play and continue. I love you babe. I love you very much. Are you ready Baby? Go!”
Narrating on the clip, Ferdinand noted, “I’m here today sa National Bookstore sa SM North EDSA and you know, I’m not a big fan of Dingdong and I’m here to purchase his comic book 'Tiktik.' I’m doing this for you. I love you very much.”
With “Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles” comic book in his hand, Ferdinand said, “I need to buy this to get close to him & talk to him about you.”
A collage of photos showing Dingdong flanked by Lovi Poe and LJ Reyes were shown on the video with these captions: They came. They sat. They talked. They enjoyed.
“I seized the moment and here’s what I got for you, my love,” said he.
Dingdong’s participation
The next scene showed Dingdong greeting Twinkle.
“Hi Twinkle. My name is Dong. Guess what? I just met this guy named Brian and I think he loves you so much and he’s about to ask you a very, very important question so I guess you have to answer immediately. Hoping for your most positive response. Good luck to you, good luck to all your babies,” said the actor.
An abrupt cut on the video was followed by Ferdinand saying, “Oh, it was cut and the emcee’s voice was loud so I had to buy another (comic book) to be able to fall in line and hope he will give me another message.”
He also added, “Both Dingdong and LJ were somewhat amused of me returning a second time,” said he.
Finally, Dingdong asked, “Game?”
“Hi Twinkle. There’s this guy who claims that he loves you so much. I think he’s… telling the truth. So, may tatanungin daw siya sa ‘yong napaka-importanteng bagay. Bahala ka na pero sana sobrang positive ang reply mo,” the actor said on the video.
“’Di ba LJ mukha naman talagang inlab na inlab, eh,” he also asked.
“Oo, effort, effort, effort,” LJ mused.
“O, so may sasabihin si Brian sa ‘yo abangan mo na lang kung ano. Pero ayos ‘yan,” Dingdong said while flashing a thumbs up sign.
“Here is what Dong is talking about, though I think you already know something going on, you were not expecting him to be saying those things with me around and it’s for you. Here it is: Marry me. SAY YES!” Ferdinand said on the video, holding a white cardboard up where the message was written.
In closing, the video showed Dingdong’s curt message: “Hi Twinkle. Will you marry Brian?”
Ferdinand posted his video proposal on his Facebook account and a lot of his friends have commented on it, most of them gushing about his display of sweetness.
“My goal is to make Twinkle happy. I'm so thankful for the comments & likes because it shows you all are really happy for us. I have read all the comments & it feels amazing to be congratulated for simply being inlove & expressive at the same time,” Ferdinand said.
By Alex Valentin Brosas




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