06 August 2012

Tab Your Way To Better Life With GALAXY Tab 2

It’s crazy when you think about how much life has changed over the last decade, or even just over the last five years. Technology has reinvented the way people used to do the most basic things. Now there are websites and applications for everything: from finding your way around town, to socializing with your friends.
It used to be that, to stay in touch with the world or enjoy multimedia entertainment, you needed to own both a computer and a phone. But you couldn’t surf the web on your phone, and you couldn’t immediately call up your friends on your computer or bring it with you on the go. Things were just slower, more clunky, more cumbersome; even such basic things as reading the latest bestselling literature series meant lugging around heavy armloads of books, while being asked to deliver a mobile presentation meant a heavy briefcase of clearbooks, flipcharts, and various other visual aids. Traveling to new locations would mean lugging around maps and travel guides, and that’s not even touching on the ungainly camera you’d have to pack to capture your memories.

In today’s tech-centered lifestyle, you need to be able to stay connected wherever you are; for work, friends, or for personal entertainment. You need entertainment to always be within arm’s reach; you need to be able to present and share content in an instant. You need a gadget that’s more powerful than a phone, able to both store, create, and share any amount of media you desire, able to provide information and entertainment virtually on call. Having all of these in just one convergent device would make things even better, making it even easier to let go of old, painstaking ways to do things, and embrace the simple, efficient, amazing ways of 21stcentury living.
Now, life just got better with the introduction of the Samsung GALAXY Tab 2, the successor to Samsung’s popular line of multimedia tablets. The GALAXY Tab 2 combines the functionality of your computer, phone, library, media collection, gaming devices, and so much more in just one light, thin, and stylish package.
You can choose the specific size that suits your needs – a sleek, compact 7-inch model you can chuck comfortably into a purse or a coat pocket, or an expansive 10.1-inch model to bring you a larger-than-life visual experience.
The GALAXY Tab 2 is your own personal mobile media center. Available in both 3G+WiFi and WiFi-only models, the GALAXY Tab 2 allows you to access the Internet no matter where you are. Check your mail, watch videos, read an e-book, or shop online from your favorite hangouts. Everything is on the Internet, and with the right gadget, you are never out of touch. Coupled with a powerful dual core processor, you can stream your favorite websites and videos and always stay on top of what’s trending. Do you like saving things for later?
The GALAXY Tab 2 features generous expandable internal memory so that you can download and store thousands of your favorite pictures, documents, movies, and songs. You’ll have space for everything, and be able to bring your favorite media files wherever you go.
The GALAXY Tab 2 allows you to stay connected with the world at large. Manage your business while you’re out having fun or keep up with your friends with easy access to your favorite social networks like Twitter or Facebook. Send them messages, set up video conferences on Skype or Google+, or plan get-togethers with the GALAXY Tab 2’s easy-to-use tools. Who knew that your gateway to the people who are most important to you could fit so comfortably in the palm of your hand.
Are you creative? Technology has helped shaped the way we see the world and how we interact with it, allowing more people to get their voice across. The GALAXY Tab 2 features both front and rear facing cameras, so that you can snap pictures of all the things that you find cool or interesting, and upload them to Instagram or Pinterest for the world to see.
Shoot your own music video and upload it to your very own YouTube channel. You never know when you’ll get discovered and what you’ll discover.
With the GALAXY Tab 2 and its up-to-date Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, enjoy access to the Google Play Store which offers over 400,000 applications to date. Extend the functionality of your GALAXY Tab 2 by picking and choosing applications to customize your GALAXY Tab 2 to whatever you want it to be. With the right applications, you can turn your GALAXY Tab 2 into a mobile gaming device, a business adviser, a musical instrument, or a comfortable book before bedtime in ways more convenient and immersive than what you had before. With more and more applications getting released each day, the possibilities are endless.
With its dedication to providing top-quality products and its sensitivity to the needs of their consumers. Samsung has outdone itself with the release of a tablet that’s both convenient and incredibly versatile.Samsung guarantees that there’s a GALAXY Tab 2 to fit every kind of lifestyle, and make every life better.



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