16 June 2012

Korean actress commits suicide due to depression

 A Korean actress committed suicide by hanging herself in her home.
The actress was identified as Jung Ah Yool, 25, who had just started her career in Korean entertainment industry.
Jung's body was found in her home last June 12. She was rushed to the hospital but was declared dead.
The actress was said to have suffered from depression due to financial difficulty.

While no suicide note was found, Jung's postings on Facebook indicated her depression.
A day before she committed suicide, Jung posted, "Nothing can console me."
Jung was a new actress. She appeared in the daily morning drama "TV Novel Dear Love," which is currently airing in Korea.
According to Korean media, Jung's salary from the drama was delayed because of labor strike.
South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the world.
"In Korea, male suicide rates more than doubled from 17 per 100,000 in 1995 to 39 in 2009, and rates among women are the highest in the OECD, at 20 per 100,000," according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation Development (OECD) Factbook for 2011.
The report added, "Between 2006 and 2010, the number of persons treated for depression and bipolar disease in Korea rose sharply (increases of 17 and 29 per cent respectively), with those in low socioeconomic groups more likely to be affected."
"Economic downturn, weakening social integration and the erosion of the traditional family support base for the elderly have all been implicated in Korea’s recent increase in suicide rates," the OECD report said.
Korean stars who committed suicide in the last few years include Choi Jin-shil, Ahn Jae Hwan and Jang Ja-yeon.
Jung's funeral was held on June 15.




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