05 March 2012

Raging God Of War III

 His vengeance ends now. Following the story of a demi-god’s quest to destroy the gods, the God of War series once again takes players into a game filled with rage and swinging blades with this PS3 entry, God of War 3.
The story continues from where God of War 2 left off. Kratos, fueled by rage and vengeance, sought for the help of the Titans in the final battle against the gods of Olympus. With all of Olympus against him, Kratos must fight against all odds in order to achieve his goal: the death of Zeus.

Again, the story builds off against the steaming anger and hatred of Kratos against the gods of Olympus. With six games building up the premise, God of War III aims to connect all the dots and end the battle of the gods with a climactic bang. The added characters and the length of the game make a fine presentation as the finale of the series. If you’re a bit knowledgeable in Greek mythology, you’ll certainly have fun in naming dozens of characters featured and killed in this game.
God of War 3 remains true to the roots of its game when it comes to combat. Again, Kratos is armed by the iconic chained blades for the fluid decimation of his enemies. The game makes use of the power of the PS3 by showcasing a large number of enemies at a given instant. Imagine being surrounded by twenty or so mythological creatures, making it a sheer blood bath. Also, additional creatures are now featured in-game such as the Chimera and the centaur.
Upgrading Kratos’ stats is done with the aid of red orbs and other artifacts. Red orbs provide the player upgrade points which the player can use to increase the level of a weapon. Upgrading weapons adds more power and additional combo moves for Kratos. Other artifacts, such as the Gorgon’s Eye, need to be collected in groups of threes to permanently increase Kratos’ health.
In terms of presentation, GOW3 is an extremely detailed game. The developers placed so much detail in the game, that even the reflections and the feel of the skin is rendered unto the eyes of the gamer. Levels and surroundings are breath-taking sights. Again, God of War 3 portrays massive amounts of blood and gore with its iconic executions through button prompts and combat.
God of War 3 is a must have game for PS3 owners. The way it closes the story of one man’s quest for vengeance against the impossible is an astounding tale to follow. The game mechanics are top-notch and stays true with the God of War that people loved and played. Though it has its short-comings such as the similarities between weapons and rarity of some of its creatures, God of War 3 is still a fun experience. If you’ve played the franchise’s PS2 and PSP versions, then you definitely have to play this one. It’s a good closure to what the main trilogy has to offer, and of course, it can be a good supplement for the rumored God of War IV.




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