05 March 2012

Olympus XZ-1

Competitions on digital cameras keep rising and Olympus never falters to produce stylish and innovative cameras. The Olympus XZ-1 boasts a high sensitivity 10 megapixel compact camera, with a bright 28-112mm range lens, F1.8-2.5 maximum aperture, TruePic V image processor, a high resolution 3-inch OLED display screen, a CCD-shift image stabilization that prevents blurs from camera shakes, eighteen scene modes, six built-in art filters, nine exposure modes, and HD recording.
With dimensions 111x65x42mm, and weighing 275g, the XZ-1 is a lightweight companion suited for people’s photography needs. This compact camera delivers a solid performance by taking quality pictures. The bright lens allows easier low light shooting conditions without increasing the ISO.
With the bright lens affecting daylight shootings, Olympus added a built-in ND filter that balances light coming from the sun.
The 4X zoom feature makes it an excellent choice for Macro shots and it has a built-in Supermacro mode.
The eighteen scene modes are well diversed for shots that include sunsets, portraits, landscapes, night shots, sports, pets, cuisines, documents and more.
The built-in art filters add a variety of flavors for each shot to be creative without the need to purchase expensive filters for DSLR camera.
This makes the XZ-1 a fine learning curve for photographers studying filters.
Even casual users who simply want to add some creativity into their images, from bringing out the subject’s full colors, softening the image, grainy black and white film, or adding dramatic tone that alters the entire image, creativity is optimized.
The art filter can be used for recording videos, however, with the art filter on, it causes lags that turns the file into a stop motion film, which may or may not work for the user’s advantage.
The downside to this all, the XZ-1 is not built for speed. Turning it on takes a couple of seconds, and switching modes causes a delay before you can take another picture, and the lack of direct access to ISO and white balance adjustments is a slight issue -- although it only takes a moment to open the function menu and use the control dial to fix those settings.
Other than these minor kinks, the Olympus XZ-1 is a compact camera with the right attitude.
It will fit your personality, whether you're a newbie with an eye for details, or a seasoned shooter who goes for picture quality.
High Sensitivity 10MP CCD sensor
28-112mm equivalent lens
F1.8-2.5 maximum aperture
CCD-shift image stabilization
Twin control dials, including one around the lens
ISO 100-6400
New TruPic V processor
Large 3.0” 621k (VGA equivalent) OLED display
720p movie mode (30 fps in Motion JPEG format)
Micro HDMI connector
6 Art Filters
In-camera RAW conversion
Built-in flash, hotshoe and remote flash control
Built-in ND filter




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