18 March 2012

3-Month Millionaire Returns To The Long Betting Lotto Line

Dionie C. Reyes, the government employee who spent all his lotto winnings of over P14 million in just three months in 2008, is back in the long betting line praying for a second chance at the jackpot.
At 47, Reyes said he has no regrets over squandering most of his money on vices – gambling, nightly drinking sprees, and womanizing – but that one more chance to win a lotto jackpot will be different.
He knows what to do with the money the next time around, he said.

Reyes won in the Lotto 6/42 draw on April 22, 2008.
Of his P14 million lotto bonanza, Reyes gave away over P2 million to relatives, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and even strangers who came to him for help.
He bought a house and lot worth P4 million, a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), and gave P850,000 to his wife’s nephew to buy car.
Another P500,000 he gave to a brother’s son for a small apartment building then handed P100,000 as a gift to his immediate boss and also P50,000 each to his six siblings.
He also gave away between P3,000 and P30,000 to some of his officemates at the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).
He said he spent about P10 million for his every day spending spree, including many trips to shopping malls in a span of three months until none was left.
“If I do not know where my money went, maybe I would go crazy. But I know where it went. Sa kalokohan ko, pero nag-enjoy naman ako. (It went to my vices and I enjoyed it),” said Reyes.
Though he had given much to his siblings and other relatives, Reyes said he was not relying on them for help.
Before, my house was like in a fiesta every day.
“Let us not talk about others. Just my siblings. But I am not going to rely on them. Life must go on,” he said.
“Pero kung buhay ang nanay ko, hindi ako magkaganyan (But if my mother were alive, it wouldn’t have happened),” Reyes said, recalling his mother Paz who died in 2004.
His mother told him before she died she had been praying for him to win in the Lotto.
Friends and acquaintances at a cockfighting arena in Las Piñas City knew I won the lotto, that’s why they called me “Boss Dionie.”
“Every time they see me, until now they still call me that. But I also tell them to just call me ‘Ubos Dionie’ now because I have no more money,” he said.
Reyes said he is hurt by his adopted son’s teasing of him, but I can’t do anything because it is true.
“Si Daddy kasi inubos ang pera (Daddy squandered all the money),” he quoted his son as saying, every time his lotto winnings are discussed at home.
“That is why I am saying that if God blessed me again and gives me a second chance, because I am betting every day, I will love my money. Anyway, I have experienced it already,” said Reyes, referring to living the life of a millionaire with the freedom to spend without limits.
He said he plans to apply for an early retirement because he does not have civil service eligibility when his office implements restructuring, probably this year.
Reyes said he went public with his lotto jackpot win because he wants others to learn from his mistakes four years ago.
“I just want to help,” he said.
The Las Piñas native said early on after he won, he was worried his adopted son might be kidnapped for a ransom.
“I did not get security for me and my family. I engaged in cockfighting even though some of the people in the arena knew I won the lotto,” he said.
He said he did not buy a gun either.
Reyes said after claiming his money at the PCSO, he took a three-month vacation.
When I reported again to the office, I didn’t have any more money,” he said.
He said he was thankful to his immediate boss who advised him not to resign.




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