18 March 2012

Jobs? Just A Click Away

Job-hunting for young Filipinos no longer resemble cattle auctions. New graduates don’t have to pound the pavement and jostle through day-long queues of sweaty fellow applicants clutching resumes on the doorsteps of prospective employers.
All they need to do is trawl websites, respond to job alerts or online advertisements and email their applications to future bosses. It’s just as well because they have over two million hot jobs at their fingertips, all accessible with the click of a mouse.

Just a single website, Jobstreet, Asia’s largest talent bank, has 2.7 million job openings from 91,000 postings. The bulk, 80 percent of these vacancies are meant for young people, from fresh graduates to those with only one to four years work experience.
So far, the most in-demand careers are in Customer Service, Healthcare (Nurse Assistants), Information Technology/ Computer Software, Clerical and Administrative Work and Human Resources.
Even before this month ends and the post-graduation job-hunting frenzy begins for the country’s 450,000 new graduates, Jobstreet revealed some 92,000 unique jobs ads for the youth had been posted. This yields more than 275,000 job vacancies waiting to be filled before the end of 2012’s first quarter alone.
Now on its 12th year, JobStreet.com ranks as the number 1 job site in the Philippines. More than 4.4 million Filipino jobseekers trust JobStreet.com in finding their dream job from among the 22,000 employers including top companies under its client base.
“Young people have to be able to apply for jobs anytime, anywhere, in a single click. They must be armed not only with their skills and diploma but also with dependable job hunting tools such as fast and easy internet access so that they can apply for jobs as soon as the openings are posted,” stressed Hubert Punongbayan, JobStreet.com Senior Marketing Officer.
“You have to be where the top companies are and when they are about to hire. That’s anytime from today onwards,” confirmed Grace Colet, JobStreet.com country manager. “Chance favors the prepared.”
To make it easier, especially for neophyte job hunters, Jobstreet teamed up with the country’s leading broadband provider, Globe Tattoo, for a powered-up, `no limits’ Tattoo-JobStreet prepaid kit, by itself a survival tool for newbies.
The special edition Tattoo-JobStreet broadband stick allows job hunters to access the JobStreet website (www.JobStreet.com) and search for their dream job even if they have zero-prepaid balance.
”They can have unlimited access to JobStreet.com for one year for free even without using the pre-loaded amount in their Tattoo-JobStreet stick. The limited edition Tattoo-JobStreet stick runs to speeds of up to 3.6 mpbs (megabits per second) and is sold exclusively at the Globe Online Shop (tattoo.globe.com.ph/promos) at a special discounted price of R835 for savings of R160. The stick is delivered nationwide free of charge," according to John Rubio, Globe Telecom’s Head of Sales Strategy, Development and Operations.




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