28 February 2012

A Hardcore Protection With OtterBox

OtterBox, known as an innovator of protective solutions for the  handheld products is now in the Philippines.
Starting with something as simple as a box, OtterBox was created in 1998 and built upon fundamentals of hard work, creativity and perseverance.
Otterbox cases are dedicated to all the klutzy, spontaneous, chaotic, graceless individuals who have broken a device or valuable due to their active lifestyle.
An active lifestyle demands worry-free maintenance, especially for anyone who gets his kick out of weaving in and out of work and recreation. OtterBox offers this with durable, protective shockproof cases for Apple products, Blackberry units, Samsung and Nokia phones.

It is the preferred mobile phone accessory brand of young executives, sports enthusiasts, and people with dynamic urban lifestyles. It’s the best solution for active parents, too.
The OtterBox headquarters in the United States are located in Fort Collins, Colorado, where innovators work on the next exciting gadget case, then take it to the Rocky Mountains for product tests while biking, hiking, and running.
So whether you drop or bump your phone while rushing to the next appointment, or expose your gadgets to the outdoors, you’ll have nothing to fear.
OtterBox gadget cases are also in for the long haul. By providing long-lasting protection, units get spared from repairs and replacements. As trends go, OtterBox keeps its products ready for the hottest gadget in the market.
OtterBox products were launched in the Philippines by Tenkie Box, a distribution and retail company dedicated to getting the best and latest gadget cases and Mobile phone accessories.
Tenkie Box CEO Jay Tengco says, “We’re very proud to be working with OtterBox. It’s about time Filipinos get the protection they deserve.” (Len Amadora)




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