23 February 2012

Energy Lack Hounds Mindanao

Power generation deficiency, not the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), is to be blamed for the daily brownouts that have been plaguing Mindanao for weeks the company stressed Thursday.
“(NGCP) maintains that the cause of the daily power curtailment in the Mindanao Grid is the acute shortage of power in the region, not any transmission-related issue,” the private firm said.
This clarification was issued, following reports that some parties are blaming the NGCP, particularly its failure to renew its Ancillary Services Procurement Agreement (ASPA) with the power barges, for the daily power outages experienced by Mindanaoans.

“We realize that some members of the public sector are concerned that the expiration of the ASPA with TMI will lessen the available capacity in the Mindanao grid. We want to clarify that our contract with TMI is only for ancillary services, not for the supply of power for the consumption of end-users,” said lawyer Cynthia Perez-Alabanza, NGCP spokesperson.
“That obligation, to supply power to end-users, belongs to the local distribution utility or cooperative,” Alabanza explained.
The NGCP is in charge of linking power plants owned by the National Power Corporation (NPC) and independent power producers (IPPs) to the country’s distribution utilities and electric cooperatives, which, in turn, deliver electricity to end-users or customers.




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