23 February 2012

Grace Lee 'grateful' that Magic cleared her name on Angelicopter issue

Grace Lee is probably the luckiest girl these days having President Noynoy Aquino III on her side as well as her radio station, Magic 89.9.
“Station didn't have to... But thank you boss,” was Grace’s brief comment on her official twitter account (@gracelee899) where she reposted the link of Magic’s statement on Angelicopter’s claim that she got the boot from the show “Good Times with Mo [GTWM]” upon Grace's demand.
“Grateful for all the support from my @Magic899 family. Thank you everyone. you all made my day easier:) Mwah~” Grace added.

Angelicopter’s story
In PEP’s Feb. 21 article,  Angelicopter gave the following reason that allegedly led to her removal from the show, which Grace co-hosts along with Mo Twister and Mojo Jojo.
“The reason behind this was because Grace told our management that she will no longer appear on a show with me,” Angelicopter was quoted as saying in the exclusive report.
According to her, Grace’s was reportedly irked by a miscommunication they had in one “GTWM” episode.
"Kasi nagkasabay kami nag invite ng guests sa show. Napikon siya. Humirit siya. So ako rin napikon. Humirit din ako,” narrated Angelicopter.
She claimed that she tried reaching out to Grace in order to patch things up but in vain.
“She [Grace] even walked out on the show when she saw me in attendance,” said she.
It was that incident that made Angelicopter realize that there was no more chance to fix their misunderstanding. And “due to seniority” what would’ve been a one-week break for her to cool things down between them had led to her being permanently axed from the show.
Magic’s clarification
A day after the story on Angelicopter came out, Magic 89.9 refuted “favoring” Grace over the other.
In a statement released on its official Facebook Fanpage, the station stressed that Angelicopter was “terminated” due to “internal issues” and not because of her “conflict” with the Korean TV personality.
“It was a matter decided after an ongoing assessment of her overall performance,” the statement read.
The release added, “Magic 89.9 has a culture of giving as many chances as possible provided those concerned show the capacity to improve their craft both off and on air. We're saddened that it had to come to this."
The release did confirm the “misunderstanding” between the two DJs.
“Admittedly, conflicts happen between jocks in radio shows specially in a high pressured show like ‘Good Times,’” part of the statement read.




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