17 July 2011

World's Smallest Post Service

You’d think that sending tiny letters and tiny packages, written with tiny words were done by fairies and only existed in fairytales. But with Lea Redmond, this fantasy became a reality—and she became the ‘fairy’ postmaster.

The World’s Smallest Post Service allows people to send customised tiny letters, packages and other mailables internationally.

Postmaster Redmond started it as a social art project, but it took off, and now sending small letters all over the world from Oakland, California, is her job.

The minuscule letters are written by hand, put into a just as minuscule envelope, sealed with a minuscule wax seal that’s pressed with its sender’s initials, and packed with a magnifying glass.

Redmond’s moveable office can be found in cafes and shops of San Francisco Bay Area, where she’d be seen transcribing tiny letters for people. More than 6,000 love letters, marriage proposals, invitations, and the likes have been sent by her.

The one-inch long letters cost US$9 plus shipping, tiny packages cost US$10 plus shipping, and ‘small’ bulk orders, such as wedding invitations and announcements, can also be orderd online at World’s Smallest Post Service.




Bennix July 18, 2011 at 10:21 AM  

Great post, I like this article. It's my first I think to drop by here from FB. Hey, you have a cute blog here...:)


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