09 March 2011

New Chrome Browser Ready for the World

Google on Tuesday released a finished version of its speedy new Chrome Web browsing software for desktop or laptop computers.

The latest version of Chrome promised quick and responsive handling of software running in the Web browser.

"We realize that speed isn't just about pure brawn in the browser," Google engineer Tim Steele said in a blog post announcing the latest Chrome release.

"It's also about saving time with simple interfaces."

Google improved settings for bookmarks, passwords, searches and home pages as well as enhanced protection from websites booby-trapped by hackers with malicious code.

The latest Chrome browser software is available free online at google.com/chrome. Earlier versions of the Web browser already being used in computers will be automatically updated, according to Google.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is the most widely used Web browser in the United States followed by Firefox, Chrome and Apple's Safari.




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