09 February 2011

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Update

Breaking Dawn has been confirmed to split in two movies, and the financial budget will be higher than the previous movies. Bill Condon will direct both films. Filming is expected to begin in October 2010. The first movie is expected to premiere in November 18, 2011.

Since Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner were originally contracted to make four films, Summit Entertainment had to renegotiate their agreements.
Thus far, only ten people have been announced to reprise their roles: Kristen Stewart (Bella), Robert Pattinson (Edward), Taylor Lautner (Jacob), Billy Burke (Charlie), Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), Kellan Lutz (Emmett), Ashley Greene (Alice), Jackson Rathbone (Jasper), Nikki Reed (Rosalie), and Elizabeth Reaser (Esme).

It is not known whether Renesmee will be CGI, or if one/many actresses will portray her. There are also concerns about making a PG-13 movie adaptation, due to the book’s complex and graphic storylines, including the birth of a half-vampire, half-human baby.




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