09 February 2011

8 Things Angelo Reyes Loved

This was based on the accounts of the aide-de-camp to the former Department of Energy Secretary.

1.     He loved ice cream

The general was widely perceived to be greedy for wealth and power.“He loved ice cream; there’s always an ice cream ready at his office in case he craved for it,” says my friend.

2.     His newest hobby was gardening

After losing in his congressional bid to represent drivers via 1-Utak, he became a gardener.  When the Senate started digging up corruption allegations in the military, Reyes was busy digging a garden in his backyard in Taguig.
3.     He liked to “Party! Party!”

When asked whether his former boss was as grim as he was on TV, Reyes was a certified partyphile:

“As DOE Secretary, he’s fond of gatherings like New Year and Energy family parties. Every quarter, there’s a birthday party for employees. Every employee received a cake.”

4.     He preferred Powerpoint presentations

Reyes loved  Powerpoint presentations. But except the one Rabusa presented in the Senate.

“As a boss, he’s kinda tough and hated complacency and mediocrity. He’s a sharp and visual person. He didn’t read voluminous documents but you had to explain issues through slides or presentations.”

5.     He loved disagreeing to agree with GMA

“Reyes had a rift with PGMA on many energy issues. GMA never listened to his recommendations,”

Among the issues they disagreed on were the following controversial deals:
  • Privatization of energy assets like Angat Dam
  • Usage of the national wealth tax and the share of Palawan in the Malampalaya oil deal
  • Joint Marine Seismic Undertaking (JMSU) entered between Philippines and China allegedly in exchange for overpriced loans for questionable projects
When it was reported that Arroyo gave Reyes a call prior to his death and visited him at the hospital immediately after his demise, a joke circulated in the energy department: “GMA went to the hospital to  make sure Reyes was really dead.”

6.     His love “for the boys”

“There was hesitation when Sec. Reyes assumed office because of the number of people he brought from the armed forces. His weakness was the quality of his staff. They were kinda abusive,”

7.     His love for his family

But why in the midst of his children? “Reyes’ soft spot was really his family, especially when it was about his kids and grandchildren,” adding that “he valued his reputation. He couldn’t take the pain anymore.”

What he committed was hardly hara-kiri. As comedian Chocoleit quipped on Twitter, it’s more of “dina-keri” ni Angie. In any case, it’s very Filipino and humane to condole with the Reyes family.

8.     His fave song: “What a Wonderful World”

“He would usually bring a CD to events in case he wanted to do an impromptu song number. His fave song was ‘What A Wonderful World’.”

As he faces his Creator and the angels, will Angelo Reyes sing the same song?

May he rest in peace. But not the corruption cases.




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