28 January 2009

The Pleasure of Serving

All nature is an urge toward service. The cloud serves, the furrow serves. When there's a tree to plant, plant it; when there's a mistake that should be corrected, correct it; when there's an effort that all avoid, accept it.

Be the one to remove the stone from the road, take away hatred from the hearts and smooth the difficulties from all problems.

Let not only the easy tasks call you. It is so fine to do what others shun.

But do not fall into the error that merit comes only from the great undertakings; there are little tasks that serve for good: to decorate a table, to arrange some books, to comb a little girl's hair.

One may be the critic; another, the one who destroys: be you the one that serves.

Service is the task not only of the humble. God, who provides fruit and light, also serves. Thus He may be called, "The One who serves." And He keeps His eyes upon our hands, and every day He asks us: Did you do a service today? For whom? A Tree? Your friend? Your mother?

(By Gabriela Mistral)




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