07 January 2009

Getting Ready...

Some persons can study in a hammok, in a haystack, under a table, almost everywhere. Most people, however, are generally distracted by the slightest sound, too much light, too little light, uncomfortable chairs, or talking to others nearby. A quiet spot in the attic is far more desirable for study than a plush room with Hi-fi or a radio blasting away. An artist, a composer, a surgeon - all need quiet surroundings for their work. You, too, can do your best when you work under favorable conditions.

Leading educators have recommended the following plan for those who want to learn how to study: the problem of where, when, and why before learning how to study.

1. Study at the same time each day; divide your time before and after dinner. Don't study when you are tired.

2. Study in a quiet place. You cannot study when you have a radio or a television on in the same room.

3. Good lighting is important when you study. Eyes suffer strain and tire easily when there is poor lighting.

4. Sit in a comfortable chair and a table. Don't use you lap for a desk.

5. Make sure that you have your assignments in a notebook and follow the written and study work exactly.

6. Before you work, see that you have all the necessary materials: pen, paper, textbook, ruler, eraser, notebook, dictionary.

7. Work without interruption. You'll finish before you know it.

8. Do your written work immediately. Do it on scrap paper first. Check for mistakes, then rewrite neatly.

9. Learn to study with a purpose. Find out why you are reading a selection. Take notes - don't daydream.

10. Finally, keep fifteen or thirty minutes a day to read a magazine or book that you really like.



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