25 October 2008

Windows Error Messages

I work with my laptop 12 hours a day or even more. Windows error messages drive me crazy. I found an answer from Jennifer Farwell on how to decipher them or figure out what is wrong. Here it is...
Microsoft maintains a Knowledge Base for every error message for which its technicians have devised a solution. The easiest way to obtain more information on, or a means to resolve, an error message is to search for it in the Knowledge Base. If your system is not frozen, highlight the text of the message and press CTRL-C to copy the error message, and then paste it into Notepad or similar text editor to sace it. You may also be able to press the PRINTSCREEN key to take a snapshot of the message and then paste it into Paint. If your system is locked up, which is more likely, write down a portion of the error message (the more, the better) and visit the Knowledge Base Web site (support.microsoft.com). Type several words in the Search The Knowledge Base Field, exactly as they appeared on-screen, and press ENTER.




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