25 October 2008

Tips for Making Safe Connections

Here is a tip in getting a file level security:
WinXP supports FAT32 and NTFS. If you are concerned about security, NTFS is the way to go. NTFS, for example, lets you set permissions at the file level instead of just a t the folder level. When you installed the OS, you may have opted to use FAT32. Dont worry though. You have a one-time conversion from FAT to NTFS without losing any of your data.
One way you can change over to NTFS is to type the convert command at the command prompt: convert X:/fs:ntfs (where X is the letter assigned to the drive you are converting)
Press ENTER after you type in the command. Windows then asks you to confirm your actions. You can now set security at the file level. If the drive is currently in use (maybe you are trying to convert your system volume), you can opt to have the conversion take place the next time you restart your computer.
A word of caution, though, as this is a one-time conversion, which means once you are using NTFS, there is no going back to FAT32. Unless, of course, you format the volume or find a third-party utility that can perform the task.




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