27 October 2008

Accessing Shared Files on a Computer

How can you tell who is accessing shared files on your computer?
If you have shared resources on your computer and you want to know who is currently accessing those files, you'll want to open the Shared Folders in the Computer Management console.
In WinXP, you can open the Computer Management console by right-clicking the My Computer icon on the Desktop or within Windows Explorer and clicking Manage from the context menu. Once the Computer Management console is open, navigate to the Shared Folders option under the System Tools. From within the Shared Folders section, information is divided into three groups: Shares, Sessions, and Open Files.
When you click the Shares folder, Windows displays all the current shares on your computer in the left pane. Double-clicking a share in this folder will display its basic properties and share permissions. You won't be able to display Adminstrative shares, nor can you modify its permissions. The Sessions folder displays all connections, network connections, and Terminal Server connections.




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