14 August 2012

Wireless Router And Cloud Ready

With Filipinos increasingly become accustomed to wireless Internet services, it isn’t much of a surprise when wireless routers are becoming so much more accessible to everyday consumers. To put it simply, routers expand Internet connection to more than one user.
This adds to the comfort for families in home where they can not only use their laptops and computers, but gain Internet access to their tablets and smartphones as well. These routers are of course, not limited to home uses, but reaches to business big and small.

One of those products have landed in the Manila Bulletin Technews. Cisco’s Linksys EA4500. Within Internet frequencies at 2.4GHz and 5GHz, Cisco has claimed that a user can experience up to 450Mbps connection speed. Overall performance is good and will not disappoint.
The UI has undergone some renovations compared to older models. It has a much friendlier atmosphere and easier to navigate around to get things done.
It also sports other features like parental control and web filtering to protect kids or prevent them from snooping around naughty websites. But this should be done with caution as it is easy to block out websites for any computer connected to the router.
Along with Internet connection, once registering online, users gain access to Cisco’s Connect Cloud (CCC) service. For the less tech-savvy, this might appear sophisticated. Basically, having cloud services, a user can gain access to router anywhere to manage their system.
Cisco has also opened the device for thirty parties. Meaning iOS and Android apps will be developed to provide better services and protection with a flick of your smartphone. Though, in all honesty, who would try to monitor their Internet traffic frequently?
And speaking of which, to effectively use the router, the user has to sign in to CCC, as stated earlier. Cisco’s terms of service may be quite shocking as they claimed they will monitor the websites customers had been to. This leads to threats of disconnecting users from CCC.
The CCC would also ban any user who uses it for entering sites that are considered obscene, like pornography, and infringing other user’s rights. This has caused major issues in the past but was already addressed in updates.
In terms of hardware, as opposed to the latest USB 3.0, the EA4500 has a 2.0 version, and although not many Filipinos will care about the difference. The difference is the transfer speeds vary. For some people the time for transfer speeds are very important, especially for people who need to get as much things done as possible.
The design is also slim enough to slide into tight spaces for people who try to maximize space out of anything.
Final remarks for the EA4500, is a solid purchase, if, you can get your frequency up to 5GHz to get that blazing fast 450Mbps, which is a rare luxury in the Philippines. If you don’t have a 5GHz network, then this router is just as good as any out there.



lea August 20, 2012 at 1:18 PM  

I love the fact that this router is equipped with parental control feature. This way, I don't have to keep checking on my kid's PC screen.


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