14 August 2012

Hot On YouTube: Sing It, Baby!

Some random fellow that came across a random girl in a mall randomly busting out her singing chops at a storefront in SM Megamall. Felled by her powerful voice as she sang “And I’m Telling You,” the man—who goes by user name youngjay0918 (Yuan Juan)—decided to shoot her video and post it on YouTube with props to the young singer.
As an update, he says he’s already met her—Zendee Rose Japitana Tenerefe, who has her own YouTube channel, zendeerosetenerefe. At least we can say that this young lass sounds way, way better than those people that test run those Magic Sing units in record bars and other stores to attract (repel?) customers.

The video, posted late in July, already has over 1.1 million views and over 7,500 “likes.” It has already caught the attention of various news networks that are, obviously, hungry for any random piece of news from anybody with a cellphone cam (in this case, possibly a video from a DSLR).
“Galing! I think she sang it better than Jessica Sanchez,” came a high praise.
“She’s definitely far better than Sarah… :)” said another.
Well, the Net does have ways of giving random people—especially in this case—the attention they probably deserve.




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