25 May 2009

Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing can be an exhilarating, rewarding and life changing experience. Although climbing a mountain can be one of life's greatest accomplishments, it is more than panoramic views, the satisfaction of reaching the summit, or a true wilderness experience. Mountain climbing is a great challenge that involves risk, danger, and hardship. Mountain climbing is not for everyone, although some can find it irresistible, as well as frustrating and sometimes even deadly. There are qualities to mountain climbing that bring inspiration and joy in a pursuit that is more than a pastime or a sport; it is a passion and sometimes a compulsion. A distant view of a mountain may speak of adventure, but the mountains only hint at the joys and hardship that await the climber. Climbing a mountain takes much preparation, knowledge and skill. The mountain climbing environment is indifferent to human needs and not everyone is willing to pay the price or able to survive the hardship in exchange for the physical and spiritual rewards the experience can provide.

Although there is a lot of planning and preparation in climbing a mountain, the rewards are priceless. Reaching the top of a mountain can be one of the most amazing and inspirational experiences one might accomplish. All of the hard work along the journey can be truly rewarding. For many, climbing becomes addictive. After the first climb and all the glory that comes with it, many seek higher mountains and bigger challenges, hence larger rewards and more satisfaction. Climbing a mountain is no easy task, however, it is an adventure worth seeking.



deng November 11, 2009 at 1:30 PM  

sexy naman sa bundok! hahaha LOL


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